Artist: Ivy Nostrum
Keywords: experimental field recordings improvisation musique concrete noise tape London

Are you ready to go deep? Diving into the underwater world that Ivy Nostrum has to offer? Don’t worry if you aren’t prepared for it as Ivy Nostrum will provide the oxygen mask and the diving gear, the only thing you need to do is staying alive by not forgetting to breathe. But even if you forget you will still be in safe hands, as Ivy Nostrum seems to control the oxygen flow of these tanks , clearly caring about you to make sure you will survive enough to hopefully live through this entire experience.

And don’t worry if you aren’t into breath control and have a slight underwater phobia, as once we got the deep diving plunge into this depthful place out of the way, we are on dry land again. Probably and miraculously landed in Ivy Nostrum’s dampy tool shed. We have to be silent ourselves as we don’t want to disturb the artist in his novelty worker’s place & it is fairly obvious to hearing ears that Ivy Nostrum is busy over there, very busy, trying to repair things, taking peeks at old fashioned tape players while mumbling to himself like a person who is totally unaware that we are there too. In silence we hear Ivy Nostrum trying out a tape of holy music and eureka; it seems to work quite well! Ivy Nostrum’s job is done! Or is it?

I guess (as my ears almost never deceive me) a person like Ivy Nostrum is never done, clearly enjoying his work, hobbying around with bits and bulbs, some iron, maybe a stone; who knows; as long as things keep ringing and rattling we know that Ivy Nostrum hasn’t been distracted by our noisy presence.

Than we have to be really still as Ivy Nostrum spits through the mysteries of the phenomenon called ‘A Glossy Face’, arranging the information like a scrambled egg made on top of a cover from a legendary fashion magazine. Personally it makes me think of that time that i worked on polishing faces and pulling out legs, transforming ladies and gentlemen’s bodies into impossible proportions as required by the fashion industry.

A glossy face would be a face completely paint brushed until the model looked more like a piece of plastic than anything else. Yes fashionistas; Try to get that impossible plastic look with make up and see your confidence fly out of the window in no time. People got to make a living, but that shit is so wrong! .. oh shit, we might not be mumbling too hard to ourselves over here, as 1, it is quite disrespectful and 2; Ivy Nostrum might hear it.

Luckily it seems that he didn’t , as Ivy Nostrum had set a trap for himself and us crazies who are staying close on his tail. This trap is like an inescapable loop of repetition, one that feels as if it had been swung by hand, providing guitar material that keeps our heads spinning. Luckily the jobs for Ivy Nostrum are calling him as otherwise we would probably still be stuck in loop land forever. But no, Ivy Nostrum has to deal with a broken tape machine, a cassette with a beautiful piece of orchestral music seems to be fairly stuck in there, probably getting eaten by the device and the way Ivy Nostrum seems to sort it all out in his professional ways. Not sure if Ivy Nostrum’s DIY skills are working to save this tape or that it’s actually making things worse, but I can tell you that hearing him at work is probably more innovating and interesting than a simple case of playing a symphony without problems.

If for some strange reason you thought that this was it, you might be surprised that Ivy Nostrum had other plans. Banging in repetitive form some kind of wake up call with noises in between. Things go little strange, as if the banging is making way for a shape shifting tonal expedition that feels like something between a alarm without the snooze option and a track for mediation purposes. I guess, this must be the off work relaxing times in which Ivy Nostrum is just sitting in Buddha position, traveling towards his own inner peacefulness after a day of hard work fixing things.

But even after a lengthy moment of meditative off-time you can hear that urge in Ivy Nostrum again; he needs to do something! He needs to stick his hands in the tools, play with them with his fingers and record them for the relieving satisfaction that the knowledge of them still being there would obviously give this artist a great pleasure. Hear his fingers rolling over nails and screws clearly makes him feel okay enough to finally call it a day. Tomorrow more things to do and work on as a sound artist like Ivy Nostrum over here simply never gets done. So please do put on the provided diving gear and experience what it is like to be a experimental sound workaholic:

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