NarkotroniK – Wound Collector

Artist: NarkotroniK
Title: Wound Collector
Keywords: electronic coldwave ebm electro-industrial lo-fi synthpunk Washington

Wound Collector by NarkotroniK will be like oil for any stiff robot out there. Ready to lubricate them with kicks and nasty dance floor material that they might use to slap off their rusty selves and start a killer revolution. It starts like instant action, probably strong enough to make even old coffee machines into murderous monsters ready to electrocute their human handlers. This might be nasty if you are a robophobe, terrifying even, but to be fair; with this kind of music they make sure that they will exterminate humans quick, efficient and probably (if lucky) painlessly.

They can’t help it, as being oiled up and overridden by new funky electro music as delivered by the emotional overlords NarkotroniK simply makes them blood thirsty. You can hear it in the voice of NarkotroniK, willingly explaining it while a nasty sharp bass and epic melody rock out along a fare case of beat. It sounds so human, yet you know for sure that they aren’t human at all, which can only mean that artificial intelligence has bypassed everything that we have known & could emulate emotions for sympathy, which would be enough to let you stand still and listen entranced, so when you least expect it; NarkotroniK goes in a frenzy, slaughtering you off, alone or with the help of revolutionary kitchen appliances. Strangled by a toaster? Sucked up to death by a vacuum cleaner? Smacked in the neck by a hot boiling water cooker? The options for the army of NarkotroniK is seemingly endless.

Of course no machine , robot and anti human bit of mechanical rubbish will just follow orders, but let me tell you NarkotroniK is very charming, even non robots (yes humans!) could fall for the trap of the charismatic electro allure. Especially when we are promised a little freeing party all the way at the end, a celebration for when the job has been done, the world as we know it had gone to shreds and robots have taken over every single aspect of life. It’s sad maybe, but maybe it’s also good for the planet? I’m not sure… but I do know that NarkotroniK is out there riling things up and you might as well enjoy it before your time is up too!

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