THE GAYE DEVICE – Spectrum Connection

Title: Spectrum Connection
Keywords: electronic kosmische musik ambient kraut rock space ambient space music Portland
Label: Girly Girl Musik

in case you had been walking around in black clothes, hopelessly mourning the lack of fresh posts on your favourite humble ‘music’ blog on the entire internet, probably doing already some kind of funeral party in a state of gothic depression… well guess what? We are still here! In fact we had been here all along. Just sitting and waiting, bathing in colours of sound and doing this for such a time that our body tan is now all rainbow style. And yes although we do love and support and are probably part somehow of the whole alphabet community, this rainbow pigment got nothing to do with it.

However it’s needed to mention here as to explain to our humble readers like yourself why we let you hanging for some days: these colours had been such a joy to sit in that you simply forget time and space – duties – our busy listening schedule and even you. Although I did not forget about you as I thought (while I was colour bathing) that I wanted to write a review about them… or at least about the colours that did me the most, like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and of course violet. It’s the least I could do to make up for the time that the whole yeah I know it sucks thing left of the grid for a bit..

But damn, that was harder than you could believe! It felt like day’s had been coming and going and no proper fitting word had been made it onto paper. Still the blog had go on and things needed to be wrapped up before extreme frustration would take over the extreme pleasure that listening to colours like these would give. So here is the result, wether it is good or not. At least we ain’t dead yet!

So yes; Let’s get into these colours, the colours of the rainbow, as they are the leading leaders to point out the way to the pot of gold and in this case this pot is made out of very pleasant music rays that spread itself out like a safety net of blatant colour appreciation.

Just diving into the colour red will make your cheeks blossom up with healthy redness, sinking away in it as if you hold onto the reddest tomato you have ever seen and took a bite in the softest bunch of red strawberries that exists on earth. Everything here is beautiful, wonderful red lights in the red light district filled with gorgeous workers with red hair of various genders of choice, a red sky within the middle a red sun; anything that you do is more enjoyable when hearing the colour red at its most dense. A red that you shouldn’t take for granted! A red that will give you red cheeks from warm pleasure.

But listening to the deepest and brightest orange is something you won’t want to overlook too. It’s a bit more tangy but severely bright, a distinguished colour that famous oranges are named after, a thing between red and yellow that truly made a big name for itself in the world, from royal surnames to colours on Dutch football playing players and tasty tangerines! Orange is so nicely spicy and prominent while as a sound coming across as quite delicate .

Yellow doesn’t come across at all as bananas being placed in your ears, but feels as a sign of light, distinguished with buckets full of brightness that feels nice and gently on your skin, a prettiness that would prevail like a golden glow on a pretty painting. It’s a very relaxing colour, popular to be depicted on a type of pepper and sun tanning studio advertisements. It’s the colour of chips and most cheese but doesn’t come across all as salty or cheesy, but much more like a true angelic delight that is offering us a great sensation to swim around in. So beautiful you will wish it would never end.

Listening to green is like listening to my favourite colour, which since I’ve last checked; it still is! It’s green to my ears, from its repetitive bass reflecting to green neon lights at an early morning rave. to its grassy peas that had been freshly peeled before breakfast. You can hear the lush green leafs of the trees whistling nicely in there and green vocal chores by a electro choir who still had been green behind the ears. This feast continues for the longest amount, clearly giving us the green light to trip out like we had never done before. Green crickets will chirp in your ears while soothing green smoothies of mellowness humble on through time and space. Green is so beautiful, it makes you feel wonderful.

But blue isn’t unimportant too, with its blue skies, deep oceans, blue make up colours that are intense but beautiful. Blue is like a pretty day in summer, clear view, cooling & refreshing beverages, a face that holds its breath for two long, the smurfs living in total harmony, the prettiness of everything being in balance and peaceful with intense blue colonisations that are warm and gorgeous like an underwater world in which everything is clean and interesting.

Indigo makes us feel as if we are flying through fields of indigo tainted flowers , probably like indigo tainted birds in search for free of charge tasty indigo berries ready for our little beaks to be consumed. Everything here is beautiful, like characters in avatar but than even better. Streamed consciousness that wil flow in full on indigo attires, goddesses in amazing indigo dresses and even indigo induced drinks colouring up the world

Violet comes as a relaxed rhythm with flower patterns that will smell oh so lovely, violet tones will decorate every inch of it, probably filled with lovable people who are named Violet. There is no violence here only violet sounds that flow out and about in a colorised perfect harmony. It is nice to enjoy all these colours with the eyes of the inside of your own head with the help of visual imagination, but it also a lovely experience to just be able to listen to them in music form. Be aware to inform your friends if you go for the spectrum connection as they might become a bit worried if they don’t hear from you for a couple of days… but please enjoy these wonderful colours that through the magic of science by THE GAYE DEVICE can certainly be done over here:

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