Serge Tipenkoff – Feynman point

Artist: Serge Tipenkoff
Title: Feynman point
Keywords: experimental ambient electronica synthwave Wrocław
Format: Floppy Diskette
Label: Default Label

The very interesting and generous kind Default label had send us a lovely package with some extreme goodies to explore, one of them was this absolute gift by Serge Tipenkoff. A work that made me instantly feel happy and gravity defying, which for grumpy days should be everyone’s favourite antidote. Too bad that this isn’t a mass production, ready to conquer as many hearts as possible… but than again, to find happiness sometimes just got to be very unique and rare: A thing that this release will hit all the right places with!

Reviewer KN checking out the floppies from default label: gorgeous!

The mysterious music that lays behind the beautiful floppy diskette’s artwork is pretty stunning: think of synthesiser galore that has the beautiful tendency to move around like a bird, a kind that allows you to follow its colourful feathers on a adventurous day through mid airs, wet lands and all its stunningly gorgeous flight moves.

It comes as total unexpectedness, like a little golden treat that feels like a real treasure to cherish and keep close to your heart, as this cute little friend will take you to places whenever you want, tweeting along excitedly as it gently moves through the sky in gracious ways. His home might be a floppy, but when you play it it’s simply high in the air, showing you a private show of pure freedom.

It’s a single track that comes with a equal mysterious backstory, but to be frank, if the label would tell us that this music had been gifted by the gods and was a planted holy grail itself, nobody would have a reason not to believe it. The intense and beautifully done flight that the melody and the sound design had created together over here are quite frankly sounding as something very precious, a document that will warm your soul and get it up for an emotive get together, sharing a moment in which graceful beauty is exposed without a single bone of pretentiousness inside it.

It feels all so natural, as if a bird of paradise had taken over a old abandoned synthesiser and took over the keys to perform what sounds like a wonderful adventure in the sky, a ballet for flying wings, delivering delicately an aesthetically appealing prettiness. Upon publishing and writing this review there seems to be only one copy left, so please do browse directly to the default label and grab it before someone else had flown away with it!

It’s gorgeous and irresistible after All! 100 percent beauty & highly recommend as it makes you feel like a emperor or an empress with a very special bird that will perform for you (and your guests) in private the beautifulest arias and wing moves in authentic synthesiser style. Who doesn’t want that?

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