Myki Tuff – Cook Sumn (Konshens – Do Sumn Counteraction)

Artist: Myki Tuff
Title: Cook Sumn (Konshens – Do Sumn Counteraction)
Keywords: jam jah reggae counteraction dancehall dub jamjah konshens mashup one drop reggae remix roots United Kingdom
Label: Friendly Fires
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Forget all these celebrity chefs or all these pretentious restaurants with 5 star recommendations; as their portions won’t fill up your stomach and simply can’t tip to the authenticity of someone who cooks with a heart and soul full of love. You will recognise the difference in taste and smell. One smells and taste of pretentious arrogance & hardcore dress sweat with a taint of cocaine and the other deliciously filled with love. Myum!

The legend goes that there is a fairly unknown and unpretentious lovely lady out there, someone who doesn’t seek the spotlight and instead is keeping things real and focussed on creating such edible love for the stomach. She is clearly a kind and incredible person who might be amazingly humble, so much that you probably might never had heard of her before but is in fact the best cook in the entire world. Yep, you heard it right! Her cooking skills are better than all these chefs combined! Truth.

Reggae Artist Myki Tuff knows her very well as in fact he happens to be blessed as this incredible cool and might be one of the best kept secrets in the world, (not even being mentioned in the Guinness book of record for her amazing cooking skills), is nobody less than his own mother, Linda! What a blessed childhood Myki Tuff must have had & what an amazing relationship these two must have, as the artist made a lovely song to celebrate this best cook in the entire world as well as a little odd ode to the one who had given birth to him. How adorable!

So special, you can just hear it all in the music. All these incredible ingredients that are mentioned within it are seemingly deliciousness in his mum’s meals, from such a lovely meal we might only be able to dream about, but thanks to this song we still get some audio favours from it. Besides the front cover picture of this single gives a true face to this legendary cook in this galaxy, which isn’t also a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted. In any case, i feel that best kept secrets like these are best to be shared and that’s what motivated the words that you are reading over here. Let’s hope this fine lady Linda will cook some love food for us all one of these days, it would be such a joy that it would probably deliver enough inspiration for all of us to also make a tune about it! This lady, queen of cooks deserves a entire compilation album full of artists celebrating her cooking skills… I can just tell, as listening to this song makes me incredibly hungry!

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