The Void* – Norwegian Disco

Artist: The Void*
Title: Norwegian Disco
Keywords: experimental adventurous Deventer
Label: Esc.Rec.
reviewer: Willem van O.

Oh gosh… are you ready for some gibberish ? Well, perfect! You are at the right address! Here it is, step right in:

Being an artist or producer that calls itself something with “Void” in it seems to be the kind of thing that could be a bit compared to musicians that wear sunglasses at all times; they are cool and even though you might not see them all the time – there are plenty of them. Is stevie Wonder one of them? I would say YES… will he have a secret side project with a name that has Void on it? Who knows – it’s hard to see why not? The Voids are pretty much everywhere…

Did I say that there is plenty of void? I bet that We might be able to fill up an entire micro nation with artists and projects that name themselves with various variations of ‘The Void’. I know I shouldn’t spend too much breath on this phenomenon, but to be fair; it does intrigue me; who are all these people and are they aware of the other Voids out there? Is it one big family? Or perhaps secretly one artist pretending to be multiple voids? Maybe it’s all Stevie Wonder? Maybe all the voids together are working slowly to absorb artists and band names and turn everything around to be sure that eventually there will eventually only be a void left to hear?

Imagination multiple mega festivals featuring line ups with only bands and acts with Void in their name… brilliant! In front of an absent audience, leaving Void off and on stage; even more genius!

Before you will hastily get into your getaway cars not handling any more of my personal Void interests, I better should let the subject go before chatting into the void that is a readership of none.

Are you still here? Good! So this “The Void*” (the * makes all the difference!) over here must be something really good, as I’m pretty sure a highly branded classy label like the boutique Esc.rec. one will not release an album with silence on it, other than the legendary one that it had released back In the day in which silence got randomly disrupted with the yell of a funny sounding cowboy saying Yee-Haw at totally unexpected random times!

…………………..Yeeehaw! …………………………………………………………………………

It’s still getting me every time! And look at it…. in between the cowboy yells… yep! Void again!

But let’s not get too boiled away in even more nonsense over here, as even though this void has also a humorist side of it all, perfectly dropping it in a video accompanied with this release. The actual music that Void with the * had created over here is actually pretty the opposite of what I though a Void would sound like, it’s not a vast amount of hollow emptiness, no spacious nothing, but actually music, transformative, good spirited friendly loopy music. Not at all the kind of material that you would cater to an audience of no people at all, but the kind of trip music that goes on its own, living a little life by itself and has no big ego to invite any of us to go on a little adventure along with it.

The Void happily plays from moment to moment, easily flipping inside polar opposites of musical tracks, without giving the listener the feeling that they had zapped channel or flipped over consciously into another track. This way it feels as if The Void is dabbling around in a magic trick, altering realities and moods like a deejay who is much more adventurous than the ones you mostly find jumping up and down at the main stages of those happy go lucky disco festivals.

Drones, country and western dabbling, electro acoustics, emotive experimentalism, loopy fun, child friendly industrialism, ambient zone stuff, bright joy and clicker flacks.. I guess this The Void proofs that the void is everything and all at once, except silence. Music that goes by smooth and quickly, in all their variety and coolness. The Void gives (as you could see), plenty of reasons to talk and chat about nothing though, which still might me think that there is some kind of Void conspiracy thingy going on. You might see and believe that you have read something over here, but actually you have been absorbed in Void too. In any case it might be best to just move in and enjoy these sounds, as once you are there ,the Void can be quite enjoyable, making a world dominated by Voids not so bad at all!

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