Rölling Stëins – Rölled Göld

artist: Rölling Stëins
title: Rölled Göld
keywords: experimental cassette denmark field recordings industrial minimal synth minimal wave musique concrete noise sound collage tape label North Carolina

The Rölling Stëins are back, giving it to us ‘real good’, with sounds of experiment that come across like listening to a door that becomes liquid enough to find a happy ending with pleasant moans of sheer delight. This might sound strange on paper, (or on a digital screen) but in the world of Rölling Stëins you can imagine that everything is liquid, everything is warm and laughable as this place is like swimming in a whirlpool of LSD, one in which crazy things are the new normal, the kind of fun and delusional environment in which you are feeling so high that having conversations with a chair is just as common as having a chat with the holy god almighty.

In this zone in which Rölling Stëins guide us, we can meet up the rock stars from the past, jam with them on the musical instruments or meet up with the natives for a instant head blowing noise sensation. Perhaps even sit and jam with Mich Jägër as the authorities from another dimension have taken him in for questioning. Letting us be stuck in a trippy loop in which we blow the singer’s nose and trip the trip out for our own enjoyable expense. We might go for a dance as after all this feels like a celebration of coolness, of Rölling Stëins that aren’t afraid to let it all go & take us all along within this freeing feeling of pleasant madness.

It’s like an invitation to do things: Let’s play the piano, bang our head on a drum or simply believe your toenails are the melody makers. Everything is possible over here, as long as its cozy and friendly as no bad vibes seems to be allowed over here in this Rölling Stëins zone, although perhaps nothing probably make sense if you come in like a sturdy party pooper who hasn’t been as stoned as a rock once in your life. Control freaks probably should do a left turn and go back where they had come from; or take the challenge and change their life instantly!
As this one is for freaking out with the deepest of conversations, deeper thoughts, good humor, no sense of commercialism, up is down and down is up while they are both sideways.

It’s that kind of zone in which Rölling Stëins are taking us in & to be frank; it will save psychonauts a whole lot of money on entertaining drugs as over here sounds and music is the only thing you really need to feel absolutely tripped out by, it makes you feel nicely loopy and a little happier on the side. A good feeling if you’d ask me. And no, you might not ask me – but let’s say you did: I would answer that you should listen to the Rölling Stëins and melt away from this reality!

The Rölling Stëins are easily taking us all into a very enjoyable groovy trip, one in which anything can happen, bizarre stuff in which meetings with strangers are spread out over you like cozy fire, fuzzy bass and beat might team up with the best of life’s advises and we all come out without damage, broken fabrics and other forms of brain damage & trauma; if anything, the Rölling Stëins will expand the portals of the mind and let us see this world through a brighter lens! A possible life changer, or perhaps just a nice nod of entertaining experimentalism that keep it all positive and fun!

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1 Response to Rölling Stëins – Rölled Göld

  1. Këith Rikkärds says:

    Thanks for the kind words from Këith

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