Logosamphia – Marginal Imperialism / Arrogant Impoverishment

Artist: Logosamphia
Title: Marginal Imperialism / Arrogant Impoverishment
Keywords: electronic omnichord persian rotterdam ambient chipcore circuit bending experimental jazz standards minimalism neopolka Wrocław
Label: Istotne Nagr.

Let’s dive into side A which goes instantly for a realm that is positive and happy, a delicious party soup of Persian and Dutch underground vibes, quirky uppers to get you up and in a happy mood, or simply kick you of your comfortable sofa for a bunch of mysterious traveling situations in which Logosamphia takes us through the shady alleyways of busy Markets armed with a good old fashioned walkman with his tape inside as our wonderful reliable friend and tour guide in one.

There we will be happily overloaded by colours, smells and a mysterious acidic element that somehow have taken a dive in our blood. We have enough energy to take it in and jump step hilariously through these sceneries in which fantasies from a imaginative past are fully blend in to a cybertronic mad future of the nowadays. Think menacing maniacs that will wobble manically in front of your face with odd looks upon their faces, probably selling you the kindest spices while being in a exclusive hurry to catch the first wonder glitters on its ride back home. Expect beautiful temples in which high towers provide melodies of mystique prayers of a faith that hasn’t even been invented yet!

Think of meeting around every corner a certain electronic galore with full on authentic twists, armed with jolly good militant clownish flows that dive deeper in the melodic adventures in which the future sound is deliciously blend with a folkish past. Everyone is hyped up, speed runs in their veins as facts and fiction runs havoc among each other; in the tour that our trustworthy Logosamphia provides everything is absurd and happy, interesting and in a complete hurry!

A wonderful zone in which we meet people taming snakes with a flute while other crazy lunatics are flying around on carpets, miraculously making tulips grow in one of the finer Dutch theme parks. It’s a brilliant intercourse of truth, surrealism and even a delicious beep beep cover for the true people with a fine taste of funky adventures and music.

And this is only side A of this exciting tape taped full with discoveries, the other side (B for professionals) takes us on a completely different side of the Logosamphia world. One that takes us more deeper in the layers of depth, quietly dipping away the quirky haste as it takes us more to opener spaces, one in which we can chill out, trip our heads off and obviously enjoy peacefully what the hell of a kind of genius this Logosamphia actually is.

With full on taste, our producer friend simply brings us under a warm pleasant spell, magically charming us calmly with music that is cheerful and friendly, taking its truthful time to drape our hectic heads under a wonderful blanket of melodic goodness that will warm your heart and soul in the most kindred ways. Still happily swinging around, but doing it in such a rhythm and style that even the lower heartbeats could align with it, making it the jolliness that seems to be equal to a organ player from an unknown dimension, lovingly playing its finest tunes for us all to be fully captivated in. Melodically stunning, not overdoing it as well, making everything simply as perfect as it could be.

With simplicity intertwined with complexities this producer profiles itself higher into the upper layers of classic composers, freaking out the mellow delicatessen of Merry melodies into classical goodness that everyone in the world would be able to raise a glass of wine for! Logosamphia simply brings a great adventure and an amazing homecoming to all its listeners, one in which everyone gets united and superbly enlightened by this person’s talent to be a friendship music maker to each and everyone. Combining side A and side B of this lovely tape and you will be guaranteed in for a excellent and adventurous good mood that will last for days, weeks, months, years and probably many millennia. Well worthy for you and me to check out and enjoy!

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1 Response to Logosamphia – Marginal Imperialism / Arrogant Impoverishment

  1. Simpleton nerdist says:

    Wow! Such decadence! Love it.

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