Shiffra – Crown Shyness EP

Artist: Shiffra
Title: Crown Shyness EP

Just two days ago this hot-pink musical gem blasted out of Toronto and today it reached my eardrums. As light travels faster than sound, the gorgeous cover image on bandcamp made it into my browser yesterday, and this morning it finds me plugged in to the interweb, cans on! I’ve had my second cup of joe and am ready to go, are you coming with me for the ride?

Right off the bat ‘Dipsydoodle’ has the kitchen shaking like there’s a tiny earthquake made up of delightful little tremors that just keep giving a vibrant twitch to the crockery. Deep bass notes mix with chirrupy circular snatches of sound that bounce around my head like an energetic toddler. It’s like having a pinball machine in my head!

Now to visit a ‘City in the Clouds (Bespin Rave)’. I had to look up what kind of rave this was exactly and apparently “Bespin was an immense gas giant located in the vicinity of the Anoat system, a desolate sector of the galaxy. Bespin had several moons, and its gaseous mass contained a thin stratum of habitable atmosphere.”
I have to be honest here and let y’all know that I haven’t been to a rave since, er, circa 1996… it was on an old boat in the city harbour of Tāmaki Makaurau and I was dressed in black & silver with tinfoil wrapped around my hair, and toting a multi-sound-effects ray gun. So though it has been a while, I feel that I will like this place!
Sure enough it has a similar vibe, a city in the clouds is not too different to an isthmus city in the sea. There are hints of thunder and rain, bursts of clattering, and the emcee bringing us back to reality when we drift off into the mist. The sound is pure and clear, as you would expect in an open-sky kind of place, it hovers and thrums over a relentless beat.

‘Instigator’ is up next, no rest for the caffeinated masses here! Shiffra is instigating a high-low sound-mullet in my head, shifting sounds so hard to keep up with yet so more-ish I can’t stop running after them. Up and down I go, scrambling over the dunes which change with the winds controlled by the hands of our talented creator.

‘Crown Shyness’ is not a song for the meek-minded, it pounces on me like a giant Cheshire Cat, dissolving smile and all. If I had any doubts about whether I was awake enough on a Saturday morning, they have been hurtled into space with pounding, hissing, & an insistent beat. The world ticks by outside, people in their pyjamas walking in and out of the cornerstore, dogs pulling at leashes to get to the park… totally unaware of this spectacular soundtrack to their movements as I watch them through the window. Actually, the dogs move as if they CAN hear the urgency in this piece of music, they can imagine those balls bouncing around, they are ready to run!

Treat yourself to a flight in this hot-pink machine, or even better set it as your morning alarm clock anthem:


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