Hope you are not too lean, to check out our friends at Counterzine.
As there we have a nice surprise up and ready for you,
Read it wherever you like. The loo will do!
It’s a friendly exchange between our two blogs,
So you know it will be happy quality; so please don’t feed it to the dogs.

Our team here reviewed some amazing tapes.
A thing that makes you feel like a royal, laying on its belly as it’s being fed some grapes.
A luxury that is fine and fun,
Something to read and imagine being in the sun.
You can read about cassettes of different kind,
From getting you up or giving you peace of mind.

Oh and you might not know,
They are written in poetry form,
Making you feel happy and reborn.
With things ready to entertain you in these dark days,
A guide for you to be guided through the maze.
So come over at counterzine and slide in,
It’s like a blessing from the lord and not a total sin.

Will it be about you, or me?
About the sound of music; Do Re Mi?
Will there be something for you to hear?
Music pretty and loud or something to fear?
Math rock and mermaids singing,
Glitchy weirdness and external swinging.
Violin music and drone noise might also be there, for everyone something – nothing to despair!
So please do come over to check out our post on Counterzine,
Check it out, we are definitely not mean!

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