Housemaid and The Fear – GLADD Sequence 3 – 5

Artist: Housemaid and The Fear
Title: GLADD Sequence 3 – 5
Keywords: electronic techno war funk ambient classical depression dream music drone electronic electronica ambient experimental improvised music insomnia narcolepsy noise ambient sci-fi synth Helsinki

My words, sentences and English language skills are not enough to explain or describe the music that Housemaid and the Fear had captured on this album. But I’m not great at being a housemaid or a fearful fear myself, so there we go and give this thing of music blogging a one last try. Come and follow me as I tip toe carefully inside, with outmost respect even, as even though I’m definitely no professor, the stuff I heard over within this album is something that spoke to me so much that it had to be written about, or at least should be spread around again under the lonely freaks that accidentally fall into this side of the blogosphere. Maybe I should have just posted the link to the music and not embarrass it with and myself with even a attempt to write about it, but hey; we are all in lock down and reading and writing is keeping ‘sanity’ close. But to be fair, listening to Housemaid and the Fear is keeping it much closer! Odd duo and outcome, isn’t it?

The music on this release is highly synthetic, like a true dream of serene positivity that makes itself easy to step in and continue to flow away with. It’s a highly recommended thing to do when you just wake up and are in need for a organic mellow soundtrack of laid-back excitement, read to guide your time of a early morning snooze into one of extensive further dreaming. Not something you would expect coming from a deal between fear and a housemaid, but here we go; life is full of surprises!

Think of a synthesiser with the nicest chosen sounds is played by a channeling artist in deep meditation, providing you the guiding tour that bubbles and flies within your ears like a gradual collective of beautiful clouds, the kind that are calm and wise, (“happy clouds” Bob Ross might have called them) These floaters are the intellectuals that won’t come down to rain it’s contents on top of our heads, but instead seem to embrace melodic weightlessness until they bubble up, ready to be vaporised love that had gone up into thin air.

They are so superbly melodically advanced and severely minimal at the same time, new friends that you just feel like you are easily integrated among with them. Think of it as a creating partner to align fantastic dream scenes with or to use as a humbling soundtrack to align your own creative outings with. I listened to it in snooze mood and had dreamt up fascinating landscapes and had encounters with angelic beings in the highest green mountains. I played it when playing with clay, creating the oddest but visually appetising shapes and objects, I painted with it too – creating a rainbow-like mess. I attempted to write and than this that you are reading came out. Don’t let that drive you away from the music over here, as you might simply find it very pleasant to hear even if you had no interest at all in self expressing creativity.

Except from a few sampled voices here and there, the ones that are probably taken away from a Babylon screen, they are fully taken over the emptiness by lowering the steps so everyone can tune or better ‘fly’ in.

It seems that Housemaid and the Fear has had a way of removing all the unneeded things (probably sophisticatedly dusted, wiped, vacuumed, mopped all that is there and thrown everything else hygienically away), perfectly being able to lay bare the soul of the player who operates these synth soundscapes, as they seem to be an extensional voice of the musician that doesn’t need beats, bass or rhythm sections to speak to its dreamy listeners. Hell, they don’t even need crappy bloggers! Do you?

But here you have it, one that writes to you that GLADD Sequence 3 – 5 feels as one organic flow, a dream that seems to be played lively in one lengthy set of dedication. It made me think of book writers that usually hire a cabin in deep seclusion, no human contact around in order to completely focus on finishing or simply write front to back that life changing novel. In the moment of house arrest for all of us (a needed thing in order to save lives) we are all a bit like these writers in lovely cabins.

Switch of the television and put this album on if you need a awoke soundtrack of melodic trip synth clouds that feel as if they too had been made in total seclusion with full dedication from start to finish, waiting since October 2017 to keep you companionship (if you haven’t found this one earlier) as well as your own creative creations flowing. Maybe my blog post isn’t the great example that I hoped for, but wether you hear this album and you start to write, paint, sculpt or simply dream; beautiful things might be experienced or created. (Or in my case a crappy post on a blog…) better listen now and feel it as it’s captivatingly good and that’s all you actually needed to know:

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