Jeritan x Darah Rawa x Dea Karina – Hantam Kelam Tiga Pulau

Artists: Jeritan x Darah Rawa x Dea Karina
Title: Hantam Kelam Tiga Pulau
Keywords: experimental jogja noise Perth
Label: Dog park

With full on excitement we travel to Ngajiswara where Jeritan, Darah Rawa & Dea Karina are playing a fanatic noise show in which the electric vibes can be felt burning in the sky. They put on the stove and burn the gas at the highest gear. Already from the start it is clear that they are on to something, probably also hyped up by the knowledge that something amazing is out to happen, maybe they are in control of it and maybe it’s a case of a spontaneous discovery of noise freaks teaming up for a live sensation that will have an equal vibe of putting your fingers in the electric socket .

Things are truly getting somewhere that is extraordinary, but it starts kinda slow with a scene in which they are sending out electrifying sparkles that had somehow become a mixture of the sound similar to a buzzing engine and a strange funny sounding parrot. Try buzz and they talk in all their animalistic ways, fuzzing up the ear section with ear defeating screeches that might make even the flattest hairs in your neck rise up and stay there.

Eventually around the five minute mark you could notice the fake bird’s frustration, probably with not enough human vocabulary to pull off words to express itself, we are treated with an expression that feels as if something or someone is making an entree. With the oddest trumpet-like welcoming sound to greet its arrival, while steel sounding noises are rising up a servings of evil darkness that is ready to conquer the masses with a beastly blanket of terrifying madness.

The parrot is still trying to break through, perhaps in an attempt to warn us for the demonic entrance of something that comes through the dangerous portal of noise that these three had opened by giving their own soul and dedication to this session. With full on passion and insane madness you are dragged in their mental net that will truly disturb you. They scream louder than people going on a terrifying looping session in a torturous theme park ride.

Things are incredible intense, they aren’t taking a break from the madness. Letting demonic ducks quack in your face while voluptuous screams will feed you pure adrenaline that no horror screening will ever be able to give to you. This session is heavy and unforgiving, a collective offering of Darah, Dea and Jeritan’s selves in order to open the portal of an different realm in which the oddest scarifications will be walking out as personified monsters that you wouldn’t even be able to create in your worst of nightmares.

Still poking around with a sense of humour, as if they know how to let you stay with them long enough to be enslaved by their presence in full wilfulness instead of running away and go in instant hiding. They charm and terrify at the same time, with more bombastic animalistic unearthly sounds that could unleash terror and still want you to be a part of it. It’s an extreme ride. A very exciting one that you might need to hear to feel alive, awake and shaken up. Which might be a good thing for people who are deafened by a nonstop flow of horrid news & have become immune to all of that and are now in terrible need to feel completely flabbergasted and overwhelmingly shocked by what this trio had unleashed over here! an freaking scaring experience that you won’t forget! You need to feel alive? Try playing this!!

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