Dubpixel – Calibration Dub 1, 2 & 3

Today, just because f*ck it & Dubpixel being a good person on the internet, we will go for a little three-way exploration of Dubpixel’s presence as being found and heard on this artist very own bandcamp page. It is clear that for Dubpixel it’s just Dubpixel setting up and testing out its equipment, probably wanting to give us normal people a look in the producer’s kitchen, but i will be naughty and embrace them as full episodes in which Dubpixel’s music machines will turn out to be the vessel for a science fiction ride away from the hassling mess of planet earth. Fancy coming along?

Artist: Dubpixel
Title: Calibration Dub- Tron Kaoss Space Test- Lift off!
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone dub improvisation psychedelic Washington

We rise up with Dubpixel as we aren’t in need for an evil overlord with a tech savvy rocket into its secretive laboratory. We need Dubpixel instead. Robots are our friends here as we sit back and let Dubpixel do the driving. First a few rounds around the block, and a couple of lift-off try outs before the Dubpixel vessel actually goes into a fairly easy going flight mode. The engine seems to be a bit wobbly though, perhaps it is saving on power, only using the minimalist minimum capacity of its seemingly full potential, probably in the hope that it can fly longer than your average spacecraft. At the end it’s a nice rising moment, one in which we can look out of our window and think to ourself “oh gosh it’s good to be alive”.

Artist: Dubpixel
Title: Calibration Dub 2- Slicer Patch/ Manual Time Drift/ Vaporize it!
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone dub improvisation psychedelic Washington

Here we go, Dubpixel got it all under control now, flying through relaxed pretty zones or through turbulent black holes with the graciousness of light and the sore speed of lightening. Our seats are superbly comfortable, our bottoms covered in soft feathery materials as Dubpixel stirs us through a pretty star-field dominated world with a very fitting ambiance soundtrack. Our pilot named Dubpixel truly seems to have gotten the hang out of his own craft and how to fly around with it, stirring it now like a chef cook that had been cooking up perfect dishes for many years already. Dubpixel bangs the control boards with sticks and steel tools for a positive rhythm and efficiently fun way to control the traveling device. Eventually leading it into a Galaxy in which no engines need to be doing any work, flying into a relaxed nebula in which we can flow and get entertainment by enjoying the view. And with the view I don’t mind that chit chat program, but a wonderful sight of planets, stars, meteors and pretty colours.


Artist: Dubpixel
Title: Calibration Dub 3- Terminal Cavern Resonance on Planet X
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient deconstruction drone dub feedback feedback loop reverb Washington

Dubpixel knows that even our eyes need a break from all the prettiness, steering the spaceship of sound towards the more shadier zones in which eternal night seems to sit on the throne and rule it all. Slight tones of intergalactic funeral-sentiments can be felt over here, clearly bringing not only shade over the entire three chapter journey over here, but also the creepy feeling that if we fall asleep we might find ourself not able to rise up anymore, leaving us to flow in a casket in outer space. A frightening thought maybe, but than again, if you had been a science fiction fan it might not be the worst way to end this all.


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