John Nap – John Nap EP

Artist: John Nap
Title: John Nap EP
Keywords: breaks drum & bass electronic idm san antonio glitch San Antonio

Just when I was about to take a long nifty nap and had big plans to slightly dream of sexy hot hunks in short trunks, there was the music of John nap. It was still a nap but completely different than I had expected it to be. Instead of dreaming sensually John Nap started to slap my face in an electric wakeup call of music, it would certainly give a break from the normal circumstances of the day (if those still exist these days) but snoozing away to dream land was a dream that bursted into thin air.

Now John Nap and his John Nap EP was starting to pump itself out of the speakers, it sounded sportive and active. Think of spandex sport clothes as music and cool breakbeats as the exercises to be all nicely pumped up about. Maybe… just maybe the delivery of John Nap’s EP could actually still be equally as sexy as that nice Nap that I had promised myself before the music had started to play and do its thing. So naughty!

For an EP it still got six excellent tunes to discover, making me think of an enormous sportschool in which cool muscles people of the future had come together to work out there admirable body parts. I close my eyes while dancing on these Acid sounds and active break beats and simply imagined being among them, surrounded by the smells of hot sweat, beautiful people lifting weights for the sake of lifting weights. Oh those fancy break beats and electric sounds truly seems to steer away from sleepy happenings and laid back stretching on a yoga mat!

It became more and more crazy, the sight that the alternate state of mind that my closed eyes and the very energetic acidic music of John Nap had cooked up for me was making me twirl around as if drunk from all those gymnastic enthusiasts, sport school fanatics and other fruitcakes that had been spending time in the gym for some kind of self glorification. I hooked myself into these John Nap sounds and started to run around in absolute madness, sniffing actively while slightly knowing that this was unprecedented and out of place, but I couldn’t help myself anymore…

The electronic activities of John Nap made me all kindly hyped up, dizzy , dazed and quite frankly a bit high from not napping, but actively participating in the music visuals band my own fantasies as catered by John Nap’s music. The time flew by with these active tunes that kept on happy slapping the spotters of fantasies that kept on flexing themselves around me. I loved it so much that I didn’t want to open my eyes anymore and even forgot about actually wanting to go for a real nap before John Nap took over with its lush ambient, snarky baselines and freaky beats to do happily some high kicks along with.

I had encountered a true tipping point when John Nap’s last track had stopped, making me fall back in reality, opening my eyes along the way and realising that we had been still in isolation and it was time for a complete different kind of nap time… the music had inspired but also exhausted me enough to jump into the Nap zone straight away. Hello hunks, here I come! And to you out there… why not have a break by tuning into the active zone of John Nap? Do it here:

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