Kamura Obscura – Speleology : Kamura Obscura Live

Artist: Kamura Obscura
Title: Speleology : Kamura Obscura Live
Keywords: experimental japanese kamura obscura experimental electronic improv improvised music minimal minimalist vocal United Kingdom
label: linear obsessional

Close your eyes and slip into your cave costume, be sure to make yourself comfortable to a timeless time in which there had been no computers and neither telephones, but just holes to be holed up in.
This is the righteous moment to travel slowly through the mysterious caves in which Kamura Obscura is hiding away in. Not sure if this hideout was a place of self exile, or a hole to sit in while being ordered around by some heavy stick wielding cave people, but what for sure is that meeting Kamura Obscura in this setting is well worth the costume change and hefty travels through the darkness of this reality.

Don’t be afraid for all the upcoming strangeness, as there if no need to be wary for the seemingly unnatural sounds that might come at you from every corner, as they are all coming from the heart of Kamura Obscura, who is clearly self protecting these magical premises against unwanted intruders that you, respectable listener, can be sure that you are certainly not be classified as one of them.

You are welcome over here, as the caves and its mystique occupant is letting you easily step around, fierceful steps into this realm in which seemingly Kamura Obscura’s own crazy spells are keeping the cave walls stable and strong enough that they wont crumble. So claustrophobic music fans with a fear of being buried alive by a collapsing cave network have simply nothing to worry about.

This here will be your welcoming temporary home, a little light at the end of the tunnel in which Kamura Obscura is singing and playing, like a theatrical happening that is done for you in all the privacy that these caves has to offer you. You don’t need to be a prominent academic researcher to hear that the acoustics of the cave environment is pretty much phenomenal, the atmosphere is intimate and you can’t resist the fact that your heart will be ripped open (with your full on permission!) for Kamura Obscura to pierce through it musically. That’s the kind of stabbing that a person could claim as a positive thing to experience.

Expect in these caves a zone in which more Spells are being expressed, tones of magic are thrown around and ultimate drunkenness is getting achieved in your head as Kamura Obscura makes your mind tumble in comfortable confinement. You don’t need any intake of alcohol or a stack of loo roll while being enhanced and hugely entertained by Kamura Obscura.

Suddenly, and always at unexpected times and at random places within these caves, a certain relief comes, it’s in the shape of an applause that might as well been a unexpected bit of rain that splashes in your face. The kind that is splashed around in order to keep your mind together, as once deeply holed in while being in the companionship of Kamura Obscura you can’t dazzle too much! You could easily dwell in these caves and than have a chance to get lost in it forever, it’s simply so much better to stay in Kamura Obscura’s realm as the phenomena will be like a burning candle in the middle of the complex darkness.

Here Kamura Obscura continues to sing while her words are wobbling around in bright electricity. It’s like the multiple calls of an just invented religion that had been spread out in our ears and out of the cave’s magical chimney, all over the land and into all the ears of the clapping crowds that live all around it.

In these well wishers heads that are out there Kamura Obscura shimmers the knowledge of the Japanese people as they are seeing Godzilla without being drunk on sake. Cave drawings explain that they had been actively mutating thanks to the exploded Fukushima power plant radiation. Probably making their brains go super sensitive and their eyes go a little berserk.

This is not only self explaining why Kamura Obscura’s voice is sounding so severely different and mysteriously transformed from before the drastic nuclear event, but also making us quickly have a drastic flashback of all the miso soups that we ate through the last couple of years, reassured in order to take a good look at our own selves, realizing perhaps that we too had been slightly mutated; might this be one of the reasons that we are allowed into Kamura Obscura’s world? Is our love for Japanese food also the reason why we glow in the dark?

Things get a terrifying twist when Kamura Obscura performs for us the Breathing Bells, in which not only Kamura Obscura seems short of breath, also one of the clapping clappers has a freaky cough. Nothing to worry of course at the time of channeling these things, but still a little freaky as we wade through this cave of music in the nowadays, when a crazed virus is going after all of us; it’s a slight moment of vocalic terror.

Luckily the crowd of Kamura Obscura fans shouts a ‘Yeah’ to break the freakishness and Kamura Obscura throws itself in with a frisky sensation that is more magical and bewildering than before. We are in the middle of this cave complex, bewitched and in a state of jaws being dropped, the floors are being flooded with bassy synth and the ceiling slowly seems to be made out of intriguing ice.

In these Kamura Obscura caves we could never be bored, as things are like a strange but safe reality, a dream in which expressive sensations are finding the right tones to go and warm up your heart, as if Kamura Obscura had placed herself deeply in there with a little campfire of comfort and magical friendship, quietly blessing the adventurous with an immune system that is protected from the cold, the dank dampness, the lack of light and possible bear encounters that normal cave visits might come along with. Our primitive cave costume might not save us from hard nipples, but the spellbinding music of the intriguing cave occupier that is Kamura Obscura certainly does! A better place to be isolated in, one that enables you to be there for days without ever having to deal with boredom probably doesn’t exist out there. Find the opening of this cave complex and spend your time wisely:

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