Rita Braga – Tremble Like a Ghost

Artist: Rita Braga
Title: Tremble Like a Ghost
Keywords: diy lisbon lo-fi london pop portugal rita braga electronic folk garage rock indie pop other pop psychedelia ukulele Violin Cartoon fun fun fun

Hey there! Let me stop you right here in your tracks:
Where were you when Rita Braga came out as a groovy ghost on the 12th of March 2020?

If you hadn’t been hooked to the screen with both eyes and ears open wide, had been a bit mystified at the time, you might have probably missed out on the biggest coming out news of many centuries combined. I mean, Rita Braga? The charming Portuguese avant-pop sensation? Has come out as a ghost?

If you had those unexplainable sensations in which you suddenly started to tremble like a ghost for yourself, you might simply have waved this appearance away as a fragment of your own imagination, one that nestled in your subconsciousness, ready to pop out at certain random times, easily recognised by singing along the ear worm that had planted itself in your head out of nowhere, making you tap your feet and snap your fingers in an unstoppable way. The days of denial are over!

…Many days might have passed and a quick search on the internet later might have been performed, but eventually you will find out that it wasn’t just some odd dream, a thing that you had made up yourself or something of the truly unexplainable kind. As indeed Rita Braga in ghost form does exist and with her excellent appearance comes a dance, a delicious factual toe wiggling song, music and a bunch of happy cartoonish spirits as her jolly friends. You will be entertained!

Rita Braga cannot come out as a exciting ghost in a more appropriate time than this, dancing around the graveyards, letting you stop you in your tracks as she is puzzling your mind with classic riddles, pulling you into a black and white cartoonish cartoon in which Rita is dancing the skeleton dance as her Japanese style face is glitching out as she happily drowns you in a joyful catchiness. A happy haunting!

One that is so jolly and quirky that it will ever let you go, visiting you in the day and in the night, making you sing and hum along this dangerous song until other people start to join in and they too get infected by the happiness of the spirit of Rita Braga’s music. A happy spooky happening that is brightly captured on screen by Martha Colburn, ready to proof to you that you didn’t lose your mind but visitors of the after life might not be a sign of creepy vibes at all!

With organ and bass, skilfully haunting violin (played by Galina Juritz) and a primitive drum machine, it’s this specter Rita her funny and witty soul that will deliriously get herself flying with a voice of the golden ages, happily spreading positive vibes in these times that we might just need them the most. Don’t think or swing to far ahead, but witness, except and experience this musical feast of an happy apparition right now, you won’t regret it!


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