Ladonna Rama – Zentai Suit

Artist: Ladonna Rama
Title: Zentai Suit
Keywords: electronic dance electro experimental gay house koenji queer sydney tech house tokyo zentai Sydney

In the unthinkable time of a worldwide pandemic that we all seem to be living in, certain people start to be truly innovative or simply smarten themselves up in order to go around and be still as safe as possible. Psychos are going to the supermarkets with flame throwers so to be sure people keep two meters distance, hip eccentrics are doing the same trips while going out in gigantic petticoats to be sure people keep a safe distance as described by the world health organisation. Good on them! But what about face protection?

In the times that face masks are as rare as gold & as good as unfindable if you needed one to protect yourself from other people’s coughs or to keep the virus nicely for yourself (thank you for that!) , people also become more and more like little DIY Einsteins to solve the problem of this frustrating shortage. People start to massively order online thongs, now not to let the thin line tickle their anus, but to be worn over the mouth & nose as a protection mask; a great idea in the time of having no alternatives, but what if you are too kinky to own a thong, or are unable to get one in these time and day?

Also what about if you need a much more protective solution as you go out on your once a week mission to hunt for edible toilet rolls? I mean in times when governments say screw you all, everyone for themselves, you got to find a way to truly protect yourself in a way that no virus droplets can enter the nose, mouth and eyes & something that refrains you from infecting yourself when forgetting the important role of not touching your face!

Well, than the incredibly clever Ladonna Rama had come up with the intelligent solution that will avoid embarrassing stares and keep you completely covered from unwanted virus exchange! Ladonna Rama uses a all enclosing zentai suit to go into the health hazard that is the outside world and the jungle that is the local supermarket, fully protecting this performance artist from top to toe & probably still freaking out some people along the way & possible providing a nice smile here and there around the hidden faces of other shop-for-your-life shoppers.

It used to be unthinkable or considered super kink, but in times like these it’s simply a excellently smart move of Ladonna Rama, one that might be generating a great hype among other people out there, humans who are secret zentai lovers all along and now can come out of their houses in a style of crucial safety measures. Or simple introduce the zentai costume to new comers that are too terrified to go out without full body safety measures. You can probably order them online from a kinky shop & let them be delivered by one of these great heroes that are risking their lives by delivering them and other packages!

Just be sure that when you come home from your loo roll hunt to toss your zentai body suit immediately in the washing machine and disinfect any surfaces that you touched when opening the house & the bounties that you might have gotten along & tadaa: kink has saved the day! The kinky mind of Ladonna Rama is saving lives! Who would have thought?

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1 Response to Ladonna Rama – Zentai Suit

  1. Ladonna Rama says:

    Look, if it wasn’t for the current “situation” I’d be up all over you breathing into your face to say THANK YOU for this insightful and thoughtful review/public health announcement. Kisses and then some more 💋💋💋

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