soft verges – tapes from the attic

Artist: soft verges
Title: tapes from the attic
Keywords: diy experimental alternative experimental free improvisation improvised noise lo-fi noise Hamburg

Oh… wait a minute… don’t go on… don’t click away… soft verges… yes… my goodness… soft verges goes in like a touch of strums that will go straight to the heart… making the time ebb away in a very nice way, with soft verges being the acoustic self that is putting on the pleasantly soothing kettle full of personality on for your ears, like a nice blend of music to calmly sip and enjoy… one with a blossom-like audio flavour that is uniting soft verges’s acoustic instrument with a lovingly warm sounding voice that is coming across as a match made in heaven…

Together they complement each other, cuddle up and befriend as they rise up like a pure improvised sensation that feels as soft and favourable as if it’s material that had just got taken out of the washing machine-dryer combo! one that comes as if it had been an order to perform, ordered from nobody less than Mother Earth herself, making Melody and voice go straight through the mind, hands and mouth of soft verges, an artist who is going for our entertainment into on a trance-like musician state in order to perform for us the music that makes you go… oh… wait… let’s stop speaking… and just listen as… soft verges… yeah…

soft verges is doing its thing and you don’t want to run over it… it makes you want to stop doing what you had been doing and just listen… absorbing soft verges through your ears and hoping that no external sound sources will come in to disturb this wonderful session… I don’t want to blab along… I don’t even want to think about what nonsense to write to you.. I just want to listen to… soft verges… and be in the soft verges bubble as long as soft verges’s tapes from the attic is providing this warm and cozy place to feel loved and safely at home in… soft verges… such a pleasant listen & such a lovely honest moment of music performance… soft verges… wonderful… …so on the edge of soft …so…so …soft verges…

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