Elizabeth Joan Kelly – The Found Sound Project

artist: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
title: The Found Sound Project
keywords: experimental ambient classical collage electronic instrumental New Orleans

hi there! Glad I’ve found you! Can you make a sound just so I can be sure that you are alright? …. ah thanks!

Welcome at another incoherent review, write up of whatever it is called these days. This time you are in for a really good one, especially in the days of being in need for a little fine break from reality, which is probably a thing we are all in need for now. But let me tell you, you are in good hands over here as Elizabeth Joan Kelly takes us easily into a bizarre, but terrific world of found sound, one filled with eccentric birds, exotic surroundings of the jungle, mixed with city malls and automatic machines to dial your ancient doctor with when they weren’t so busy in them good old golden days.

“hello doctor, i have been highly stimulated by a whole bunch of found sound by Elizabeth Joan Kelly – what can I do?” you better sit in it and enjoy this excellent collage, as it’s one that makes you feel as if you had lost your marbles and yet are able to feel as if you have all the marbles in the world at your disposal. Does that make sense? Please make another sound if that’s either a yes or a no. … thank you for your cooperation.

Let’s continue this madness as one moment you might find yourself skiing down the hill of lunacy & another you feel like you are on top of it all – witnessing all the crazy happenings from a middle point that is equally unique as being a burping lion in the middle of a tech savvy jungle of sound. Things go so fluent and quick over here, all the sounds that had been found are parading by like a salvia adventure that makes your eyes and ears tumble around in sound hallucinations. It’s as if the artist had become their caretaker and all fed them a new life like someone who really took them into their own family. Rather nice, isn’t it?

With a bit of a clunkiness you might find yourself communicating with a common sheep who stands sheepishly in a field of glitch, a odd place filled with watery rivers, a zone in which fingers are practicing snipping snips and strange goblins are speaking incoherent in the back. This is a world in which things slip back and forth between absolute madness and beauty. More beauty than beast, but still you get the point… or not. Doesn’t matter as I will rumble more anyway:

If this is the music to hear when one loses its mind, its definitely one of the better kinds of going mental , as this is the kind of situation in which the sounds make us feel more plugged into the world, enlarging the sound-things that we might have taken normally for granted, but are now exposed to hear suddenly with great ear for detail! They are all connected, we are all connected, Elizabeth Joan Kelly might have found them and fed them a new purpose in life, but as we find them in this new life it’s as if they have found us too. Smoothening up a mini escape that goes in like a cake that you probably won’t find in the supermarket or local bakery anymore, not even in your own kitchen as some egoistic hoarder who never baked a bread in its life had bought up all the flour… if that’s you; please do make a sound…. thanks.

Do not be alarmed or surprised when witnessing calmly the sane same sheep that we had met in this audio adventure again as it’s driving past on a motorcycle. Do not panic as you might view aliens that talk in their own slangy language while they are being busy as they are beaming themselves up in a science fictional bizarreness. Don’t be freaked out when wobbly space lasers form exciting bumps in the road for your existence to slip and and slide away on. It’s all part of the experimental music over here, probing the audio version of a visual trip that gets your mind into a lala land in which bizarre things are quite the norm.

It’s simply an exciting place that Elizabeth Joan Kelly had shaped over here & it feels maybe odd and bonkers at times, but it’s definiately more fun and exciting than watching some movie or any other chewed out comedy rerun. This is letting you star within all of it, it lets you be the middle point of a sound show that you are immediately tossed and dragged away in, one that comes like a wild surprise that you will manage to adore and stand your fierce persona in.

Here it’s you who are dropped in the middle of the craziness, a bit like honey I shrunk the kids, but now you have shrunk and the found sounds of the world had become extremely large, zoomed in to give you an excellently done miniature journey that ends with a pretty soothing figuration for the mind, letting us slightly back to what life was before we plunged into the explorative zone that Elizabeth Joan kelly had so nicely cooked up for us! It will make the time fly by quickly, which might be handy on days like the ones that we seem to be living in. So please do enjoy this project, which you could do at the following friendly link:

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