Single Mum checks out some singles; are they worth swiping right?

Hello, single mum here, ready to brutally stare into the eyes of single songs ready to be judged by me and myself, a irresistible duo that knows not a lot about music, but still enough to know that I have this urge to tell you all about these singles that had been popping out lately on my plate of must hears. As a single mum I think to be able to relate with singles quite enough to have some kind of connection with them, so let’s enjoy that the kids had gone to bed and nobody else is around, well you are here but it’s probably from a safe distance.. so uh, here we go swiping right on some singles:

First of all, I definitely needed to tell you about this very lovely single named ‘Escocesa by Matías. It’s super fresh, but in contrary to its super recent release date, the actual tone of sound and the singing by Matías over here is sounding as if he had been training for lots of years with some happy Hare Krishnas until Matías had reached a state in which he had become a wise guru that had outgrew its own masters, long enough to become a well aged spiritual leader that had disbanded from all earthly possessions and just found inner peace and love inside & had now established this state of mind into this single that Matías named escocesa. You can hear Matías’s kindness in his smooth and super friendly voice, one that had opened up all the good karma points to spread out the sound of calm enlightenment for you and all others that are blessed enough to enjoy this delicious sounding single:

As a single mum in this time of self isolation it’s great to know that you can count on a single hit maker named Disco Sam to sing a song on top of some easy going drums with a high eighties flavour. You don’t even need to be single yourself to enjoy this one as It’s clearly something that most people are now more and more having a hunger for. I think of listeners that had been first touched by the eighties revival, one that morphed in to vaporwave and now on its own got evolved into something more new and unique, so much so that I’m not really sure what the appropriate genre tag for it is anymore, but I do know that this is a new age in which Disco Sam seems to flourish quite beautifully, especially over here with his pretty single named ‘Touched You Again‘ in which his unique voice is making you feel him so passionately. He makes his point so well over here, making me think of loved ones that we can’t touch and hold at the moment in order to avoid a possible encounter with an unwelcome virus. Seriously, I’m feeling the passion and meaningfulness of Disco Sam over here, even so much that it kinda made me cry, but in a good way!

As a single mum reviewing singles for ‘yeah I know it sucks’ it must be said that lots of singles are being send over for my honest advice and opinions, but sometimes I ask around to some respectable colleagues (who might or might not be single) to hook me up with a single that needs to be shared and heard. One of these Wonderful colleagues that they call The Doll hooked me up with this single named ‘Domestika’ by Quinton Barnes & I was immediately sold. This single made my domestic day being stuck at home into one that became more tolerable, as it felt as if Quinton actually understood me even without personally knowing me or my existence in this world. It’s things like these that makes listening to singles so exciting. This one is so sensual, full romantic flavours, sensuality and feel good sexiness that it simply makes my collection of paperback romances seem like a pile of books whose pages can now be used as toilet paper, cause this song and sound makes all of the readable fodder into something I could do without. As without dirty details, addressing literally what it’s all about ‘Domestika’ by Quinton Barnes somehow has more love juice inside than a whole shelf of books in my house. Quinton’s voice and bedroom pop sound is just completely doing it for me, making me strangely feel good and beautiful inside – which to be fair, won’t happen a lot these days. You might need to hear this too as we all need some sensual love now:

Now that we all should feel good (or at least a little better) it’s okay to sweep right towards a more political single. One that I as a single mum of a good heart and spirit full justice can freely stand behind & I hope you (dear reader) will be behind this too. This single here is ‘black’ by free soil. Music wise it’s one that dabbles nice around in an intelligent sounding ambient drone, not one that is flying around our heads to film us from above to check if we are social distancing enough and stay in our houses as ordered by common sense, but indeed the music-form of the drone ambient spectrum. But it’s not just floating material that you can hear as this is what the big ones in the industry probably call a single that is protest music. One that doesn’t beat the drum or marches around in gigantic parades ready to start the rise of fascism by revolting against it, but by letting a android voice delivering the message like a soothing instructor who arms us all with the freaky warning that fascism is bubbling up these days. As a single mum I’m terrified by all this, but do feel that we need more singles protesting this rise, hopefully waking up the sleepy ambient communities on time to hopefully stop it before it’s too late.

Another single that had been send in and I felt (as a single mother hoping for a better future for my kids) quite passionate about was this super funky and emotive ‘Extinction Funk’ by Ringhold. One that textually points out the fact that the oceans had been once blue and the existence of a jungle being the greenest thing on earth, once a true thing but now slowly disintegrating in the shape of a dream. We must do a better job protecting nature is what this single seems to stimulate, while Ringhold provides the funky stimulant in which the lyrics are performed on top off like a monkey on a mission to save the last banana from a tree or a dolphin to find a oceanic spot not littered by plastic, oil or radiation. It’s nice to finger click along with a single like this while also going deeper into your soul with a message that ain’t so fluffy, but does it the funk way.

As single mum you got to understand that my taste and flavours are open and wide to all that comes my way. You can just look at the little list above and know that I like to speed date with a whole load of singles, ready to let them explore me as I explore their companion from a mutual safe distance. Sitting down with this single named Primordial Cadavers by Jaded Fields was one of those really special moments in my adult single life, creeping me out while at the same time feeling absolutely connected. Music that is like a disturbing noise ambient work that is loud and calm at the same time in which Jaded Fields poetically expresses itself like a tranquillised but confident smart monster who melodically menaces its way into the darker abyss of a place In which nightmares and dreams are balancing a fine line between them, like a hairy wolf with sharp teeth that still like to be stroked and cuddled with even though it also would eat you it it had been hungry for too long. It had my full attention but only listened to it when the kids had been out of hearing range, as somehow I expect them to wet their pants if they heard it full blast coming out of the speakers. It might be a bit scary for the little ones, you see?

Last but certainly not least (I have to wrap it up as kids might be waking up soon!) I spend some time with the single named World Interface by Son Moon & I fully recommend (if you love yourself) you have to do that too. It’s such a fine and handsome single, one that will bring joy and sunshine to the locked down household, music that will make you feel as if you had opened the curtains, could step outside into a warm summer’s day and embrace nature that had taken back what was once theirs. Think of green trees, exotic birds and special insects with colourful decorations that glitter in the rays of sun. It’s as if you could sniff the fresh air and be free from all the burdens of today, smoothly stepping around in a delicate dream world in which inner peace is connected with the outside world. Kids can stay in the room and enjoy the fantasy of a careless freedom in which going out isn’t dangerous for our health anymore, but just a blessing in which we can dance happily, beatless with the first touch of a pleasant summer that we in the year 2020 could only enjoy in the midst of our own imaginative minds. This single is beautiful! Handsome and a gracious outing for the entire family in lockdown mode.

So there is that, me the single mum and you, whoever you are.. together embracing the time to say goodbye while I seriously and simply wish you would enjoy these singles too. They are all out there waiting for your attention, probably staring at you right now with open eyes full of hope, but don’t snuggle up too much, keep your social distance and still enjoy their companionship hard and loud! Unless you are a cat, you probably only live once & these singles are there for you and only for you as recommended by single mum, the only single mum who knows what’s good for you single-wise.

Be safe & with love,
Single mum.

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