Celebrating 20kbps ‘the mothership of Lobit’ netlabel in style!

Some love for 20kbps the mothership of Lobit netlabel!

To conquer the lack for the right words, plus to celebrate the rare occasion that we are serious on April the first, I herby declare to go freestyle. With this I mean subconscious emotional rambling, basically nothing will change for you as a reader, but for me as a writer everything is different right now. The channels are open, emo tears might roll outcry the feather dipped with ink is ready to be held onto the stacks of empty paper… here we go! It’s party time!

First and foremost I would give my thanks and praises to the Lobit label 20kbps out there, one source for what feels as billions of free downloadable albums, massively fun compilations and much more music than you can hoard loo rolls! 20kbps has plenty of open minded discoveries at your disposal & every release is something to be excited about. I’m not joking, I truly am! Every update or stored item on the label’s site is to me like a stored present that doesn’t need to be waiting for Christmas Day to get opened, yet all of them give me a similar feeling of opening enjoyable presents that have inspired me a lot through the years. And now in time like these, holed up in the yikis bunker the stacks of free Lobit music over here are simply keeping me sane and happy!

I remember, very visually, the day that I had found out about the existence of the 20kbps netlabel, I’m not a history nerd and unaware of official stats and details but I call this label the mothership of lobit music & I do this not for nothing. Even though the updates and releases are uncontrollable beyond our wildest dreams, the stability of the net label and the look and the to the point homely style of it all made me feel like I had tumbled down a inspiring goldmine of online goodies.
If you for any possible reason (heck the internet is big!) never went down the 20kbps rabbit hole, than please now is the time! You won’t regret it!

The first time I opened the netlabel’s page really, really, really excited me, without joke and quite honestly, I felt like a kid who had just given a sack of coins and had now found itself in the middle of a candy store. I remember not being a fan of the internet back than, but thanks to this encounter with 20kbps I started to become hooked and inspired.

Every release, even if mostly had been electronic, felt as if the punk attitude of Do-it-yourself had splashed its way all over it. The artwork of the many releases that visited my eyes where simply as attractive as a bear and it’s honey. The no nonsense approach of label owner Mathias Aeschlimann’s mini writings and updates on the site and ofcourse the music itself that could be downloaded and heard in matter of seconds, (even over my old style dial up modem from back in the days) instead of hours waiting to download a turd from a self claimed snobby netlabel, all the things provided by 20kbps where fastly there and always lots of fun.

Throughout the years it has been delivering so much exciting instant enjoyment that it had been the ideal label for the poor, the ones who had no access to high speed modems and still very much hungry for music and (let’s be honest!) art to be excited by! 20kbps and its all star cast of low bit rated artists had been a stable home for the unpredictable sound of joy. A discovery centre for excellent real underground freaky techno, it probably released breakcore stuff before it even got tagged this way, amazing ambient, noise, glitch, pop, trash, experiments, disco, jokes, birds, drones, house, metal, the best electronic dance music in the world that had never seen daylight before. 20kbps is the culprit, the epicentre of the true underground sound, not being dominated by big netlabel killers like bandcamp or Spotify and never setting a feet on evil facebook and instagram hellzones.

Unfortunately the beloved label owner is stricken with bad health, even though he is fighting, it might bring 20kbps to a standstill in this moment of time, but there is so much there to explore, be entertained and feel inspired by, so much so that it certainly will bring Lobit happiness to the many generations after this one! To have a little feast on this wonderful 20kbps honour, in togetherness with The Lowdown Lobit radio show on Mad Wasp Radio a poisonous poultry made a mix of dance music that had all been released freely through this wonderful netlabel, giving hopefully a upbeat joy to this crazy time, aiming to transform your household in lockdown mode into a Lobit 20kbps dance party! Forget things for a moment and tune in:

Please feel free to check out the 20kbps netlabel over here, explore all the releases that are out there for you to be downloaded in a couple of seconds for free and enjoy!

Thank you Mathias, all the people making Lobit music, Adam Sigmund, all artists on the 20kbps netlabel, the Lobit lovers and fans & of course you yourself!

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