Collections Of Dead Souls – Synth Voices of Peace

Artist: Collections Of Dead Souls
Title: Synth Voices of Peace
Keywords: ambient dark ambient drone idm industrial soundscapes Los Angeles

Hello, are you ready for music that is so out of this world that you can’t be really sure if you are actually hearing something that is really there, or that you had been receiving some odd channel filled with alien knowledge from a galaxy far, far, far away. Some people are blessed like that, most people probably aren’t. But to experience music that sounds so evolved that it feels as if it’s beyond this earthly realm, a thing that must be brought over here through alien intelligence who had cleverly chosen the host of a homeless producer to be their friend and backdoor communicator with the people down here on this planet.

This is what these Synth Voices of Peace seems to be conveying over here in my head, delivering a certain wisdom that had been previously totally not available or simply had been unheard here on earth, or at least I personally haven’t come across anything like it in my personal realm and artistic bubble of music knowledge. It’s more something you would expect to find in a secret x-file, the kind that would keep agent Fox and Scully hard at work, at least a full episode of hard investigating with probably a cliffhanger ending that never got a proper answer and still receive a ‘to be continued’ at the end…

Yes the music has something alien and wise over it, the kind that must be more advanced emotionally and technological than any of us earthlings could imagine, as who else could compose and comprehend the music that seems to be so smartly out there to touch all of our senses all at once? It’s as if we as listeners are just a thin shine through veil that the intelligent music can just flow through, probably able to scan us down from top to toe in a matter of a split second and than simultaneously fills us up with music rays that are of such an advanced order that it could change the entire colour scene of our outer auras. I see orca blue, octopus purple, shine through jelly fish colours with deep sea fish in bright neons…

Of course this might be hard to proof, especially for the sceptics under us that don’t take the paranormal so seriously, but just hear this music and tell me it’s not advanced alien knowledge that is being channeled here? What else could it possible be? It’s so highly intelligent that you almost want to crawl on the floor for, worshipping the aliens that would probably come any minute now to sort it all out over here…

I’ve said this probably before and I will say it probably many times more (as long as this music provider won’t delete its music existence from the internet – please don’t; everyone needs a chance to hear this!), but these tracks of music are something completely different than anything else out there, as it’s all making sense and yet (even as a sound maker myself) feels as unexplainable and incredible impossible to recreate. If it had been buildings they would have looked so futuristic in shape, size and texture that you would simply be blown away by it, a sight so extraordinary that you can’t even grasp what it is that you are witnessing over there. Out of this world!

But it’s no buildings, It’s the kind of music that must have been channeled when the channeller on earth had been open for those alien knowledge streams to go into this artist’s stream of conscious, ready to be hard at work in order to create music that is this beautifully indescribable material, the stuff that you could feel, but at the same time very much the kind that you would like to hear when you are in need for the potential hope of an UFO to come down and pick us all up (the listeners of Synth Voices of Peace by Collections Of Dead Souls) for a well needed joy ride out of here!

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