Cosmic Sans 愛 – Postsingularity

Artist: Cosmic Sans 愛
Title: Postsingularity
Keywords: dmt experimental idm coherent glitch electronic glitch plunderphonics psychedelic vaporwave Colorado Springs

At first there are piano rumblings in the ether, along with spastic snares that come across as if they had been brought to you by a fanatic typing person on a typewriter. You know those types, tongue out of their mouths and banging those keys like a maniac.

It’s them sounds that had become the crazy superglue that would hold a strange glitchy sound of cheesy plundered music tunes together, one in which stolen bits are being screwed, chopped and freaked out for an bit of transformational pleasure. See them as a caterpillar beating purposely into a pulp that on its own had to become a cocoon of broken material.

This process is the kind that will give somehow a reason to feel happy to anyone crazy enough that they would truly enjoy the annihilation of a variety of music to become something else. Recycling by force has something psychotic over it, but considering that this is clearly for a good cause, even the haters might eventually fall In love with it.

They too might notice that the messy mess in which they are seemingly shaped in to form a new life as a pleasant error, isn’t so bad after all, as more and more the mashed up cocoon of music becomes less errorised and easier for the music understanding minds to be heard and enjoyed. Eventually turning into a psychedelic butterfly that has a exciting energy to it that equals to the happening of a quality deejay that isn’t afraid to dive into a box full of odder pieces of their record collection.

In the end it become a intensive trip in which nothing seems what it was before, letting things loop, speed up or pitch up and down to completely get lost in how the original was sounding or not. The music mix had been flapping now its own colourful wings, as everything had now been slowly but successfully transformed into a thing that isn’t a process of raping original music anymore, but as something that had become alive as a completely new and reborn thing on its very own.


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