Milky Cloud – White Chocolate & Marshmallow

Artist: Milky Cloud
Title: White Chocolate & Marshmallow
Keywords: anw ambient noise wall dnw drone noise wall experimental hnw harsh noise wall post-hnw Stevenage

Things might be crumbling, while a fair amount of anxiety might be rising like flour in the oven, but at the end of the day we try to keep on blogging about all those audio happenings out there. It might be slower than usual, but still you must admit that it’s better than nothing.

Or maybe nothing might be quite good too… especially if the flipside of nothing might be something that is something that you didn’t sign up for. I guess nobody signed up for anything over here, but there you are and here I am; rumbling to you as you try to figure out what the hell you had been doing over here? Oh well, glad that you are here though as I have this White Chocolate & Marshmallow by Milky Cloud and don’t think I want it all for myself, as there is plenty of it for me to share with you and all others that might want a piece of it.

You all know, probably, or at least could imagine what it tastes like, but as audio it’s pretty much even better, just one big fluffy tasty bliss to kindly zone out in, a instant hiding place to sit in when things go a little bit too stressful and you need some time off in a cozy audio setting. Think of a nice aromatic gas burner and cracklings fire in a sweet fireplace, you sitting next to it on a comfy soft chair with your feet in the air and that’s about it.

This happening is just ten minutes long and had no real ending or beginning, probably making it possible (I haven’t tried it) to play it on loop, but yeah, survival mode is on and after such a fine ten minute break from reality, it’s best to get up and enter the danger zone again, mentally recharged and ready, with a peaceful mind that White Chocolate & Marshmallow by Milky Cloud might be waiting for us for when we need it again (pretty soon I suppose!) …

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