Various Artists – ELECTROLARYNX

Artist: various
Keywords: experimental abstract appliances dada drone electro-acoustic noise sound-art voice Wigan
Format: cassette
Label: Steep Gloss

ELECTROLARYNX is a dada collaboration between 10 vocal artists and their appliances. Each artist contributed 3 minutes of vocals, and a 3 minute recording of a household appliance. Tracks are listed in order of vocals – appliance.”

Yes, it’s fine to take a moment to digest the short, but bonding official info as seen here above. Let it sink down for a moment, let that lightbulb above your head flash on and off and on again at its own time and speed. There is nothing wrong with taking everything in a little bit slower but getting everything exactly right. It’s okay to stop a minute in order to truly understand what this release is offering you, me, and the world!

… so what IS it offering? Oh my goodness! What is it not offering? At least not a bunch of virgins to a deity, or a free trip to Hollywood or some free coupons to get ten percent off at the local liquor store. No, ELECTROLARYNX is offering us itself; A true dada work with amazing looking artwork that makes me wish that Ruby Nekk (the one who made this front cover collage) had made all the pictures in my biology book. All would have been so much more beautiful and interesting. Artwork that has the power to change a person’s entire career! (What career?) by know I would have been a gynaecologist instead of a penniless sound fanatic.

But hey! I’m drifting away again, as I wanted to tell you once more what this release seems to be:

We have people delivering a three minute vocal track and a recording of a three minute house hold appliance, one noisy machine of their very own choice and then each of their recordings are mix & matched together for what seems like things that had been sounding seriously it something that had to be destined to be.

It’s quite frankly pretty amazing how all these tracks are all sounding as if each duo of artists was there together in one room with their appliances and their vocal qualities , truly complimenting each other with either vocal effort or appliance recording. But I can assure you with true insider knowledge that this certainly wasn’t the case! It must have been simply (next to the smart visionary skills of
Corporal Tofulung) an act of delivering something that had been written in the stars.

So let us dive deep and try to quickly analyse (without too much spoilers) what’s actually available on this amazing looking tape.

A1 Mariam Rezaei – Bryce Galloway

Marian asks you to see the blood in the street while Bryce Galloway delivers the perfect audio appliance that functions as the amazing alignment to underline the exciting determent voice. I can hear water bubbling within it, the kind that takes the shape of a excellent drumroll as Marian puts more power to her plea! It’s pretty amazing!

A2 {An} Eel – Mira Martin-Gray

The appliance of Mira Martin-Gray is a true mystery machine, delivering a comfy and cozy ambiance to balance out the mental state as provided here by the prolific social experimentalist {An} Eel. He seems to be into acting out the slobbering sound of a dog, while also humming around like a motorcycle engine that is being operated by show offs by a fanatic fruity member of the local motor club. Vrooarrr! These two are perfectly balancing each other out!

A3 Mira Martin-Gray – The Doll

But don’t you worry about the appliance provider being too nice, as Mira Martin-Gray is just as mind glowingly odd as she performs her vocal happenings on the baking sound of The Doll. The voice is twirling around in a style that is pretty to asthmatic in beastly form, while The Doll her appliance recording is giving a true warm sensation of sense and stability over it all. Quite the unexpected sensations that will go down in the history books as a match made in the edgier side of heaven.

A4 Yol – Jonny Marks

It is no surprise that this release might have brought out the best of all, as you can hear when it is letting Jonnny Marks and its noisy appliance deal with Yol’s crucial ordeal of an empty bottle of booze, the bottle itself might have no value for Yol, but this artist expressively dealing with it feeds this rattling noisy sound of Jonny like no other! In fact this duo has definitely given value to this extreme dada side of this excellent experiment!

A5 Dea Karina – Toxic Chicken

Quite a soothing combo (if I may say so myself) for your ears can be found with the coffee machine appliance (aka the noise machine) of toxic chicken and the wonderful vocals of Dea Karina who sings and channels her inner bits so sweet and calmly over here. The sound of a happy toddler running excitedly around gives it all a homely motherly vibe, something that feels happy and free while also calm in spirit. This might come across like a comforting present from high above, but it must be coming from a device and a person with a kind heart instead.

B1 Despicable Zee – Dea Karina

Dea Karina seems to bring her cutting knife device to the cutting board, probably chopping yummy vegetables to function as the most humane backdrop to support Despicable Zee’s amazing soothing hypnotic voice. Together they establish a vibe that feels like a homely cozy dream, one in which everything is safe and sane, a zone in which we can feel just as protected as being under a Swan’s wing, nicely tucked away from troubles of the outside world.

B2 Toxic Chicken – Despicable Zee

Despicable Zee’s appliance is delivering the sane side over here, bringing in all the calm and warm and slightly fluffiness in sound form, generously taming the gurgling nutcase that the poisonous poultry had brought to the vocal side of this combination. The ambient as brought in by Despicable Zee effectively created an atmosphere in which the tolerance of oddness had become high enough not to call pest control!

B3 Bryce Galloway – Yol

Bryce Galloway might simply the best teammate of Yol over here, as Bryce is sounding like a calmer version of Yol, one that is bubbling around while playing with his lips and saliva and air combination. Yol for a surprising change has brought in the extreme calmness with his appliance recording over here. Where Yol his contribution over here is sounding nice and calm, Bryce Galloway comes across as a exciting bubbling fish. It’s quite fun to imagine these two together in a aquarium of sound.

B4 The Doll – Mariam Rezaei

Mariam Rezaei is probably clearly chopping things up in the electric way with her appliance over here, (or perhaps it’s some kind of mind boggling ice cubes maker?) in any case it’s making a good noise over here, a perfect sound in which the other artist would probably feel straight at home in. You can hear it in The Doll’s determined voice who seems to be doing everything in her midst to get her point across. I’m not in a position to spill the beans and tell you what that point is, after all it’s more reason to go and check ELECTROLARYNX out.

B5 Jonny Marks – {An} Eel

Of course the appliance asprovidrd by {An} Eel doesn’t sound like your average thing to be found in any household other than a strange one, it’s either that, or that Jonny Marks’s vocal delivery is sounding so device-like on itself that it’s impossible to distinguish voice and machine from each other. It’s a bit like a robotic didgeridoo that is trying to squeeze out something from its behind, while a rumbling belly tumbles around with a coin inside; if that doesn’t sound dadaist to you than what on earth is?

In any case, this entire tape feels absolutely wonderful, a delightful celebration of appliances and a diversity of different voices that are sounding like a happening of togetherness that is simply meant to be! Get yourself a beautiful copy (cause you are worth it) over at the following link:

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