Norwood Grimes – Jetsam

Artist: Norwood Grimes
Title: Jetsam
Keywords: adelaide electronic experimental avant-garde short songs slack strange weird Australia

Like a true professional entertainer Norwood Grimes knows how to pull us in by not saving the best for last, but feeding it to us straight up upon entrance. Things might go down hill from here, (it’s so well lubed!) but every skier that enjoys to go down the hills that are made out of beautiful and challenging insanity have certainly nothing to complain. Say goodbye to the marbles in your head & hello peace that will embrace you while you are going mental.

The last bit of seriousness is able to slalom the approved norms of society and slip and slide with a certain grace through the weirdness that feels as if it’s being occupied by a busy network, one that is made out of other skiers, crazy horses that had gone down without skies and other fanatics that had been on a roll to face the steep, adrenaline unleashing ride that Norwood Grimes had magicked out of its hat of musical trickeries.

Once down you simply need to either take the lift, frantically step awkwardly Wild up the stairs (as if you are being followed) or sit in the neck of nobody less than Indiana Jones himself to get back up that ginormous hill again. You must do it as this trip must continue! Who can resist another thrilling slide that goes quick enough to make a person like Einstein leaves its mind behind?

There you go, among the other weirdos, coughing and trembling with wobbling knees, ready to endure a sensation that will make your inner skeleton shake like a couple of dice at a local gambling scam. It’s tremendously exciting and yet you have no idea what the hell it is that’s happening! But that’s every thrill seekers wettest dream, a unpredictable ride with fun rushing through your veins.

You seemingly throw more coins in the arcade machine that had been offering you the game of your life. We don’t know how but somehow the hill had been on a screen & you just play yourself with a joystick and a few buttons. It’s a realisation that does its best to make you feel like you must be jumping up and down from cheerful absurdity, simply provided as things tumble and tremble enough to phase out your so called reality, making you slip behind the theatre’s curtains, seeing things that you normally would only see in a matrix franchise combined with a entire cocktail of lucid cuckoo providers. Amen to that!

Norwood Grimes might take us to the confused Mars, one that doesn’t know if it’s a candy bar or a thing hanging out in the galaxy. The excitement however of dealing with Mars can be felt from top to toe, clearly making way for a delirious moment of utter revelation in which darkness and destruction meets the X-files at the local poetry club, one that is inhabited by spaced out wise circus freaks that for a dime will spill your beans of the future.

But behold even this attraction could not predict the drum session that will stamp itself through the skin of the snare, as Norwood Grimes sets out the tour in a different jubilant direction. Here you could meet a new version of ourself, walking in to a militant session in which we clearly had already lost the plot, had lost our skiing devices, forgot about our pixelated self game addictions, didn’t remember the hill that had represented our sanity & that had made us happily go down with full enjoyment.

All had been lost and forgotten, our minds had been a total soup now, a delicious one that we could spoon up ourself, just like Hannibal lector used to eat a brain from someone else their open scalp, it’s now our turn to eat our own. It’s a joy to suck and slurp it all up and away, leaving us here with a lobotomised happy face, confident and with a smile; as we accept and celebrate the fact that Norwood Grimes had done a great job! Yes, Norwood Grimes had pushed us down and made us a better human being is what I say, as a bit of joyful drool dribbles over my chin. Embrace this and you too will be saved from the illness that is seriousness!

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