Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Fish Eyes & Glue

Artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
Title: Fish Eyes & Glue
Keywords: electronic electronic lofi lounge noise outsider music psychedelic toy instrument Gibsonton

For the die hard fans of Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin this here seems truly a gift; a what seems to be digitalised version of a lost and found tape that preserved the history of this audio & visionary artist, one eccentrically well known for her albums as ‘Fish Drive Edsels’ and ‘I left my heart in Uncanny Valley‘ and the incredible visualisations of them. You got to hear and see them to believe them & even that’ will still gain a reason to be fully flabbergasted.

You can imagine the loyal freaks, the side show all stars, the long legged and the ladies with the beards, the twisted clowns, the music fanatics, the sentimentally awkward, the young at heart and all with a strange sentiment for truly something out there, all rubbing their hands together with certain greed of joy upon stumbling on this ‘pirate treasure’. They are probably suffering a gold rush when they are aware of the existence of this release! Probably getting so excited that they won’t be able to sleep anymore for at least an entire week! They might even do a little pee pee in their pants just because it’s discovery is that kind of exciting!

To them the release is equal to gold dust in their ears, as this must be considered a very rare and precious metal, raw and unpolished that could not have been made up if you had hoped for it & yet (surprise surprise!) here it is! Straight from the mine – ready to be put in your sack of happiness!

Here you can dip your ears in the early shapes and sounds, musical notes, melodies, ideas, atmospheres and delicate curiosities of Petunia-Liebling as if you had somehow crawled under a secretive place under the artist’s attic and stumbled upon a spiderweb protected cassette full of interesting treasures.
It’s like Christmas, but without the tree, getting that gift that you had wanted yet had no idea that it was out there somewhere.

These are the early and raw recipes of already classic anthems that had gained notorious underground fame, the kind that had given great joy to the outsiders, the outlaws and the socially awkward and gained MacPumpkin a legacy of bewildered fans (and perhaps also a handful of enemies?) along the way! From the day that I’ve stumbled upon Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin’s world I had been clustered with my ears to a speaker, super glued my eyes to the screen in which you could see her with the houseplants and engaging with the living veggies; she is phenomenal.

It is to the people and others in the know that this gold mine of early sounds will bring the most pleasure, as you can easily imagine the eyes of the fans of this legendary artist lighting up, letting the corners of their mouths rise up to form a slim smile. If they had money they would all mass throw it at her. They must need this and keep it in their special Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin shrine. This is the time for her loyal fans to go a little nuts!

But this is also the moment in which I would like to stop the new comers, the ones that had been living under a rock and had completely pissed next to the boat, the large group of the population that had been absolutely obnoxious by missing out on the essential artist of many years in a row. Them who do not know the creative works of what this release seems to reveal some of its rawest bone structures from. As even though it is good from start to finish, it is good to keep it in context, it’s one for the fans, the die-hard ones, the kind that having a unstoppable urge to consume and learn and explore every single aspect of the world of Petunia-Liebling Macpumpkin. For all new to her, truly suggest to first listen Fish Drive Edsels, explore I Left My Heart In Uncanny Valley, find the lose songs out on the internet, check out the songs in remixed form at All My friends Live In Uncanny Valley and when you are there still bubbling with a crazed look into your eyes , loaded up in a unstoppable hunger for more; hear and get Fish Eye & Glue to gain the ultimate fan enjoyment! It will be an amazing experience, I tell ya! Gold! Raw pumpkin gold!

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