Phoenix Brown – SST

Artist: Phoenix Brown
Title: SST
Keywords: experimental cassette hankwave independent microlabel plunderphonics punk punkscribble underground vaporjacent weird Easley
Label: Houdini Mansions

The latest release on Houdini Mansions is super high on energy, one in which which you can instantly feel and smell the leathery rock and roll sweat of a thrift shop owner who lets you in on a contagious ramble. Wild arms and long wavy hair waving around as this crazed individual let’s you in its loud hoarder paradise of attitude music.

Armpits filled with a upbeat party vibe, one in which Phoenix Brown is rambling around with a slash hammer and a giant tube of squirting super glue, sticking it all to the man with truly a rambunctious kind of enthusiasm! It’s a call to party hard, being in the moment, rock and roll on all fours, the instant mixing feast invitation to party unlike you had never feasted before.

Gimme, gimme the unruly joy of a record collection that is like a knitted punk attitude with jubilant guitar riffs, stolen excellence, positive attitude for living in the now with a frolic celebration of the past! Never cut off those wild hairs, crushing beer cans with your forehead and opening bottles with your teeth – that’s the kind of style and attitude that is shining through all this!

There are no moments of rest, as a thing like that we can do when we are long gone under ground or vaporised into thin air. This is a one person’s extravaganza, a living on the edge spirit collected by a hoarder with excellent ears and gift to cut and paste! Clearly a life work of collecting a fury of joy, plastered to each other for a shot of adrenaline and shirtless bogan attitude.

Your inside nose doesn’t need to be plastered with a classified speedy drug to feel the rushing energy over here, as this release is the thing to jump on tables for and impress the social distance long beach surfers with! Bringing this to their ears might eventually be the solid reason to keep them home, partying like there is no tomorrow! cowabunga, dude!

This unruly feast is a contagious and continues party that goes on and on, especially when you hit that repeat button harder than you had ever smacked your own booty before. Who needs to go out if you can get the unruly coolness of Phoenix Brown in? Things get excitingly smashed, taped together and filled up with an electrifying energy of a music collection that makes you feel as if you had never left your wild hairs behind & you can play it loud as if there is no tomorrow! Hell yeah!

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