Carya Amara – Sensitivity

Artist: Carya Amara
Titke: Sensitivity
Keywords: electronic experimental United Kingdom
label: Earthrid

Groove is in the minimal mechanic bits, not just the heart of a human with a sense of music . This is what Carya Amara seems to be proving at first over here, feeding us the techno sensations of a experimental music machine placed somewhere in the belly of a flying object in space, one that feeds us the right pulses to keep itself alive, sounding almost as if micro ants had been inside of this alien electronic device, gorgeously nibbling away with their mini mouths in a what feels like an unstoppable hungry way, creating a certain rhythmical sense to form the life injection to something that shouldn’t be able to work without electricity. this specific hosting device to those any like creatures had been clearly enjoying a spacious flight thanks to being obviously living inside something that might be considered as a flying UFO.

Maybe the ants are arguably the aliens out there, controlling the entire ship from the safety of this electronic music device. Whatever it is, or what they role exactly might be, you could clearly hear them typing in the mathematical orders with their mini legs and arms as the spacecraft is arguable manoeuvring with a hovering speed through the galaxy. Clearly flexible enough to avoid bumping into asteroids, left over space rubbish, meteors or other planets. Alarm bells might tinkle once in a while in this zone, but these groovy ant-like nibbling creatures never seem to go in panic mode, keeping their United brains calm and sturdy, grooving their trip away in a style more cold headed than any captain on a science fiction series would ever do.

Things might have gone a bit wrong though, as sound starts to flaunt and flutter from the hollow deck. This must be the place that the alien ant creatures had placed their version of a zoo in, filled with animals and creatures of earth that they must have kidnapped in order for them to get preserved on a better and healthier planet far away from earth. Ah those silly aliens, always concerned about the life forms different than themselves…

You can hear the tropical birds, hairy beasts, cats and dogs,the happy but confused insects & all the technicalities that keep them happily confined in a wonderful illusion, one that is familiar to them while at the same time had been alien to them as hell. This simulation is probably analysing the creatures along the way, studying their habits and reactions and perhaps getting to know them better, in order to hopefully being able to better suit their needs & apply it to their new environment, if they ever find a artificial planet to set them free upon.

It is not clear if the alien craft would hold up, if the sounds that it is making are supposed to sound like that, or that small scale alarm bells could be heard more often, signalling that the flying habitat might have run into some technical issues. Still the whole sound show if it sounds still oiled up, smooth and well lubed to make even the slightest of turbulence into something that we shouldn’t really worry for.

Sometimes the things that we cannot understand are better left untold, as they could be interpretations that have little to do with what’s actually going on. Still I like to try, even though the flight seems to have gone into an anaesthetic mood, clearly shaped to make the flying zoo (including their own nibbling alien ants) into a state of hibernation. Even as lucky courageous foreigners it’s a tough situation not to be fallen into the state of getting perfectly seduced in a state of forever sleep. It’s the tones, the mechanic pulses that have no problem at all to hypnotise anyone who comes in touch with it.

Many researchers might have found themselves in a coma-state when they had been discovering this moment of Carya Amara perfectionism, but we seek to defy this shield of anti-ageing, trying to sit through it in order to see what miracle works of sound this might be & what kind of information it might feed everyone that had become as suggestive for new alien into like a vegetable and a overly excited veggie whisperer. But even though sitting through this sensitive part with enough caffeine and matchsticks strategically placed between my eyes; the secret hypnotic material over here is as good as a mystery to me. A very pleasant one, one that eventually got to me too. Stuck in a bliss with a glazed look at my face; sleeping with my eyes wide open!

The change of flight itself must have been the one that would wake everyone up that had been placed inside it, as a rattling deep space sensation had been loud enough to pull a snoring elephant out of its midday nap. Things rattle and roll politely, as if the vessel had been dealing with a cloud full of flying debris, scratching the outside surfaces like a raw kind of stone that would enjoy to carve deep into the alien technology.

Somehow the ship seems to be able to get through it, not in perfect condition but good enough to calmly continue its journey, making the makeshift zoo inhabitants sleep happily confused again, probably letting them all think that this ball had just been the process of a weird dream. Let’s hope that no crazy alien scientist would have the ludicrous idea to prove them wrong by anally probing them with mysterious technology. But I doubt that this will be the case, as the soul of this science fiction worthy journey seems to be of a generously kind order, seen more like a alien version of Noah’s arc than a ship in the movie franchise ‘alien versus predator’.

It’s not just animals, birds, insects that have been placed in illusions to keep them away from panicking from unfamiliarity. It seems that it also catered to specific brands of humans too. I can see phantom sceneries of church bells, Scottish bagpipe players with their skirts in the wind, avant-garde strumming weirdos stroking adventurously on their harps to give posh music lovers the sensible sensation that they are at a high end performance in a expensive concert building of their own choice.

When one of them might slightly be awoken by the delusional strangeness, the artificial intelligence of the spacecraft might simply implant a very intriguing sequence. One that would make even the biggest trouble maker settle down, keeping its mouth and eyes closed in order to pretend that they hadn’t been here and there. Probably afraid for the mechanical creatures that now wade by the hibernated collection of zoo creatures, checking everyone out with a expressive state of trippiness that could floor even the biggest trouble maker.

Things might sound terrifyingly alien over here, but at the same time you feel trapped in these sensations of full on intrigue. Everyone who might’ve come here against their own free will, will probably be now curling within their new found situation, falling in love with their captured situation, accepting their new fate of flowing through the unknowns of outer space; you, me, they & them are all in the same boat now. Fallen in love with this situation in which the alien (that could evidentially not be anyone else than Carya Amara himself) had hijacked our heads for a traveling sensation of grotesque fantasy!

The micro ants from the early beginnings might have simply been the innocents cheese on the mouse trap, tricking us listeners to take it lightly while eventually getting stuck in a mesmerising journey of trance-inducing proportions! Delivering a sensation that even though it truly being an alienating experience, it certainly wouldn’t make anyone wants to escape and return home. As eventually home is where the heart is & here deep in the alien belly of the mechanical beast deep in space many hearts are beating, fully intoxicated in their new exciting state of accepting a new home away from home! A phenomenal mesmeric Science fiction adventure!

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