Covolux – Bloom

Artist: Covolux
Title: Bloom
Label: Earthrid

I looked up on the interwebs for some information on Covolux, and discovered that it is a carpet cleaning service in Vișan, Romania. There are even some fascinating videos available demonstrating their processes. They feed the rugs through what looks like a giant pasta maker crossed with a car wash, and a lovely thrumming whirring drone sound comes out of the machine. If you have nothing else better to do I recommend checking it out sometime!
But meanwhile, lets take a listen to a totally different type of Covolux sound-creating appliance. It is clear from the cover art and the title that this will be a celebration of flowers, which we all need right now. Some of us do not have access to a backyard or natural surroundings, I for one am locked up in a hotel room for 14 days, so am longing for the sounds and scents of a garden. What do you say, shall we go for a sound walk together?

‘Life’ begins with an achingly sweet handful of tones, strewn like petals around our bare feet as we take our first steps into this aural paradise. Some of us throw ourselves down on the ground and move our arms and legs to make Petal Angels, others stand stock-still, unable to move at all. Life is beguiling, enchanting, we can hear a tiny sound each time a blossom sheds, even quieter than a pin drop.

Life fades away but is quickly replaced by the bold ‘Bloom’: crunchy rustlings, crickets, we are being told to Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so we obey and concentrate our inner beings on the layers of sound. All around us peonies are blooming, opening themselves up like pink onions for the sun and the miniature little legs of insects. Camellias soon join in, and now some blue Delphiniums and some snowy Stocks. The smell is luxurious, our senses are beginning to swim as birds start circling above us. Utter bliss has been reached, where can we go from here?

Those of us on the ground get up, and those of us still standing sit down as ‘Subliminal’ takes the reins. The birds love this track, they are singing along with joyous abandon. As well as juicy insects there is some seed left out for them and they hoover it up as the music builds. Our ears prick up at a hint of something hidden, something we recognise deep in our reptilian brains. Our backs straighten and our necks bend, as if our heads are bulbous buds too heavy for their stalks.

It is time to search in our minds for a ‘Memory’, we feel an urge to reveal the hidden something… there is a low and haunting pedal point appealing to our bass human nature, while higher notes spin around our faces. We open our eyes and are surprised that our bodies are completely green and covered in filigree veins! As we look at each other we see that each of us has a different coloured head and a unique smell to go with it. To my left is a yellow and pink Texas Rose, to my right a fluffy red Bottlebrush. The sky opens up suddenly and rain pours down upon us, intensifying our colours and soothing our petals. What joy! Thank you Covolux! Just like the carpet machine you have cleaned us wonderfully, we are shiny and new again!

I urge you not to hesitate, but to find your own inner flower here:


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