Various Artists – ATTN​:​SPAN

Artist: Various Artists
Keywords: 10-second tracks experimental attnmagazine sound art United Kingdom

The concept of short tracks on a massive compilation isn’t new, but this ten second track compilation certainly is, simply thanks to the fact that it is released very recently. Thanks facts, kudos to you!

We at yikis might be nuts, but haven’t assembled the attention span enough to write an entire essay on each and every track that is hopping by so speedily one after the other on this new comp, neither are we going to tell you how handsome and talented each of the participants are, as that’s without a doubt a beauty that is far out there.

But still I thought to put some words together to make this post look visually impressive & try to say something about this compilation along the way; It’s a bit of a expressive ratatouille, a beloved freak show of everything and nothing that the world of artists (from legendary legends to the ones that you had probably not heard from before) had cooked up together in one big smasher of what sounds like detailed case of what the f*cks.

In other words; it’s a exciting happening as every possible genre and non genre is happily parading by like a severe case of all inclusive tolerance. Hooray for that! Racism, classism and elitism seems to have been fully extinct over here in this work of a joined effort of togetherness. It’s as if genre tags had come together and buried their axes of differences & just teamed up as one big ‘genre’, which is a much better act of peacefulness than celebrities singing another version of ‘we are the world’ could be!

As strangely as it might be, the mashup from all these ten second tracks pumping their prominent self indulging moments out there without any politeness towards each other, seems to create a great togetherness that could not only proof that we all could be friends somehow, but also safe you some money on the usual caffeine intake as with this compilation playing out loud you are definitely not in need for more wake up boosts, as it is proceeding you to give multiple micro actions that contains all the flavours and weirdness to keep you awake and up on your toes.

In a non-sticky flow of stockpiled craziness they do their best to keep you bewildered, interested, shocked, intrigued, deafened, enriched and delighted (among other things), which might as well count as a true victory for open-mindedness in the music scene and their admirers!

Sure you can expect noise, dada, cuteness, ambient, electro, field recordings, vocals, techno, friendliness, 8bit, industrial dreams, folklore, potatoes, new age, jazz, doom, ouchy stuff, words, rhythm, mumbling, synth shit, jokiness, beautiful moments, nut cases, plunderphonics, tooting horns, mermaids singing on a rock, experimentalism, car crashes, absurdism and what not, but what you can’t expect is a boring bore or a soundtrack to fall delightfully asleep with. It’s clearly an exciting collage that for a showcase containing 206 various Artists and their music tracks is one that is surprisingly good at keeping your attention even if your attention span had been comparable to a fish’s memory!

As if that’s not enough, the compilation is also linked to a charity , making it possible to pay for it, get all these tracks onto your hard disk for extensive plays (hit the random button for extra surprise!) but also to feel good about yourself as every penny gets donated to Cool Earth, who work with local people to halt deforestation and climate change.! Isn’t life great? Well, maybe not and maybe it is as that’s a matter of personal perspectives, but this compilation certainly is! Feel good about yourself and get this one from the following link:

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