Disco Sam – Old Rules

Artist: Disco Sam
Title: Old Rules
Keywords: alternative electronic bedroom pop dance disco New Jersey

Disco Sam seems to be midnight grooving from the early days until deep into the nowadays. His sound is so smooth and sexy as hell, you can just hear his voice as a laser-like look beaming through your clothes, undressing you like a true charmer that knows how to get you into his romantic realm. His music is like a special cheeky rhythmic aroma that will seduce you without a doubt, as Disco Sam has no problem hypnotising you or any other listener with the sensual use of sound, he is just like a modern pied piper, but instead of playing the flute and leaving rats and kids out of the city down and off a cliff, he sings his energetic electronic fancy quirky seductive pop like a true hottie and let us all follow him in line straight into his private bedroom.

It’s not difficult to imagine it being lovable decorated with candles, thinly draped curtains, waving politely in front of large windows that cheekily reveal the moon and the stars for that extra moment of irresistible attraction, the sheets are folded open already waiting for our arrival as Disco Sam stands in the middle and on top of it all, playing the fake trumpets like there is no tomorrow, creating a massive party for all who followed his sound in this artist’s most sexy realm of privacy. Tossing rose petals into the air for extra sensuous sensation.

But don’t worry, nothing happens without any of our consent, besides the group of followers that Disco Sam attracts is so diverse and crowded that any cheeky business between the sheets would be an entire puzzle on its own. We are all looking after each other and instead of giving into the romantic mood and our mutual immediate hunger for love, it’s best to face it with the polite vibe of a feel good indoor party among the positive people that might be extra friendly to each other in all their horniness.

How can we not? Disco Sam’s juicy hot flavours of cheeky beats, saucy cheesiness and seductive use of voice that might ‘do it with us’ all night long is a nice time out, or a good soundtrack for those moments of self love that you normally don’t have a sensible soundtrack for. Just feel Disco Sam’s vibe, forget about Kenny G’s romantic vibes and dance away in this artist’s arms in a hot lustful electronic party that will make you feel pretty and pretty wanted too!

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