The Kendal Mintcake – The Kendal Mintcake Presents All​-​Star Erotic Hypnosis

Artist: The Kendal Mintcake
Title: The Kendal Mintcake Presents All-Star Erotic Hypnosis
Keywords: experimental United States
Label: Big Sleep Records

Never in our years of existence did we come across an album whose title tracks are so thoroughly good at explaining us efficiently what to expect in music form as this All-Star Erotic Hypnosis by The Kendal Mintcake. Finally a release whose track titles make absolute sense, are truly connected to the music that lays behind them. You got to respect that as it’s a phenomenon so under appreciated and so rare that it’s giving me personally the equal feeling of finding a needle in a haystack; someone should write about it in their newspaper or at least in a journalistic musical journal of some kind.

I guess now that we are here, we might have to do it ourselves. So let’s start, aren’t you excited? This album starts with a track titled ‘You’d Think That I Would Have Known By Now’ which quite frankly inserts the cutest sweetest sounds into a mingling messy sensation, one that lets out the thoughts out of something that comes across as the kind of expression that can’t be described other than a stream of innocent thoughts, hopelessly confused, cute like a young born kitten that is wondering where its mommy had wanderd off & questions enthusiastically what that flying creature is that zooms around its head. You can just feel the innocence mixed with its sweet confusing enthusiasm of not knowing or understanding where to look. If this kitten had 8 cat lives before, you would think it would know it all by now, but guess what; everything is still a new and exciting thing to explore all over again, a joyful field full of sweet question marks to be confused and excitingly excited about.

‘The Room Is Spinning Around’ is another track title that doesn’t run far away from its audio contents, easily giving the crunchy rhythmic cuckooness that will make you feel as if you had happily and voluntarily smacked your head up with some strong jolly stuff, not hardcore enough to get you an outer body experience or risk an overdose, but is seemingly the perfectly ripe feeling bringer of a banged up vibe in which a pounding head and heart embrace you enough to turn the entire room into a upside down circular ride at the local funfair. It’s no reason to puke, but if your stomach isn’t the best it might be handy to keep a bucket nearby.

After that it’s ‘Keep Your Head And Everything Will Be Cool’ to claim its space on this album. One in which almost ran down random delighted thoughts of incoherent loveliness are having cute and expressively wondering conversations among each other, the kind that doesn’t need actual words to understand that they are just as excited and confused as you might be if you had been one of them. Just imagine waking up as a track on a The Kendal Mintcake album, being all happily nice in sound, but still rather disorientated as how did we end up here so cute in our new found and proud audio skin? Just keep your head tucked in there and indeed everything will be cool, as time will pass and meanwhile you can enjoy this state of being perfectly loved in that fine moment of accepting yourself as a master piece of art and letting everything go with the flow.

From here we go into the self explainable track named ‘Her Eyes Are On The Door’ in which you can feel those eyes looking at the door, staring at it in a vibe of slightly paranoid thoughts that proceeds to process the fact that whatever lays behind this door can come in at any moment and wether it’s either good or bad, it is impossible not to keep our eyes away from it. Now those eyes seemed to have miraculously popped out of her head, jumping up and down by themselves like independent juicy sticky balls in an horizontal way on this door, provably creepy enough to freak out whatever and whoever wants to come in for a look. If those bouncy eye balls wouldn’t do the trick of protection, than maybe the head of an eyeless person might be. In any case, this track is absolutely a visual one and certainly one for in the books of sweet little hotties of horror. I like it.

Next up is ‘I’m Back In The City Where Nothing Is Clear’ which is a wonderful confusing stroll in a city that we knew once by heart, but now everything has changed in such a way that disorientation seems to be the order of the day, taking over the feeling of recognition and sentiment with a certain tongue in the cheek kind of bewilderment; everything seems so surreal, so strange, so cute and yet so bizarre. Might this be a dream or a fractured procession of reality? People hanging out of balconies, pink balloons flowing through the alleyways, flowers grow around in lonely industrial zones as grandmothers wash their bloomers in the middle of the street. It’s nice to be here, although almost nothing seems real.

The all telling track ‘The Lover Speaks About The Monsters’ is up next, romantically spooking around with wordless stories of spooks, monsters and creepier things, it’s coming out of a trusted and beloved mouth from a person you love and are romantically engaged with, yet the things that come out are extra giving you the freaks, making it extra hard at night to sleep, might even invite some bizarre nightmares alone the way & yet, you allow it and find it fascinating and thrilling at the same time as darkness draped the room in the perfect setting, some rain drops on the other side of the windows and perhaps a mini candle crackling a shadow feast on the walls to top it all off. Nothing more romantically exciting than a lover spooking us with creepy monster stories of the paranormal kind, right?

‘The Case Was Pulled From Under The Bed’ is a whole visual ordeal that you might not have been able to see coming, as this case seems to be rather elastic, almost rubbery and bendy like a bouncing product that had the greatest pleasure in resisting to come out from under the bed. You can hear the struggle of pulling and failing as the case pulls back again into its hiding place.

A more appropriate ending as ‘They Climbed Aboard Their Starship’ we couldn’t really wish for, as with true flair of frolic galore the strange sounds greet us as they jump out of their odd corners from the earlier tracks and their worlds, blotching away in a exciting happiness ready to get to their ship that will get them far out of here. They look cute and friendly and all I think about is the urge to jump up and down in the hope that they will take me with them! As who wants to stay here on Earth if music inhabitants that give life to the perfect album titles had started to live a life elsewhere? Luckily, we can be rest assured that The Kendal Mintcake Presentation of the All-Star Erotic Hypnosis will be here for you and me, hopefully forever down here on the servers of bandcamp or (even better!) on a indestructible must have cassette. What a trip!

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