Single Mum checks out some singles; are they dating material?


Hello there my darlings, glad you are all here! I’m single mum, tasked with the difficult job by the owners of yikis to check the singles out there. Are they handsome? Are they lean? Cute or ugly? Is there any dating material among them or are they going straight into the friend zone? Let’s check them out, shall we?

Artist: Multidimensional 
Title: Blind Beast
Keywords: alternative indie psychedelic pop psychedelic rock London

Multidimensional offered us their latest single ‘Blind Beast’, which is a definite a thrill to hear for a single mum like myself, it immediately felt like I could be a young teenager again with Multidimensional on my wall in poster form, as their latest single is the kind of music to have a super crush upon. The music is as smooth like a novelty blue sky, the singing of perfect words are like a tasty silver lining, more sensual and enriching than any boyband of the nineties has ever produced, with sweet romantic melodies and the perfect sing along ‘aaahs’ to make my bloomers all wet from musical loveliness.

I couldn’t resist playing this ‘Blind Beast’ on repeat and fantasizing about my repetitive listening sessions as if they had been personal multidimensional dates with multidimensional. They must be perfect in every way! The music is heartwarming, charismatic and if one of my children would ever fall in love with this band I’ll gladly support them proudly, probably (if the whole covid thing has buggered off) would love to go and see and hear them play in real life; holding up my lighter fanatically engaged in front of every stage that this band will do it’s magic upon. This single is the gold to fall in love with!

Artist: Lipid Storage Disorder
Title: Black Hole road
Keywords: electronic experimental drone industrial noise Lakebay
Label: DT Digital

Oh, and what do we have here? Something bleak and hypnotic? A single that moves its arms of sound like a mechanic robot that had been making circular movements with its multiple arms in order to keep the flies away? Or is it an instant passage way to some kind of psychedelic tunnel or perhaps the representation of the fuzzy bouncing feeling of a head after secretly emptying the self help liquor cabinet? It’s fairly mysterious, warm, but also distant, kind & yet metallic at heart.

Think of the ‘I’ll be back’ robocop if it had been recycled in the form and shape of a well working electric windmill. One that is waving its arms around constantly in order to get you properly confused or hypnotized but unable to give you that warm lovable hug of safety. I guess if you are a psychonaut this could be a single to befriend with, you might even try to slowly dance upon the micro beat that half way introduces itself, as if it had been shy and now conquered its fear to pop up and give the industrialist hypnotic bleakness something to hold onto instead of a couple of warm willing huggable arms.

Artist: SAKI BOMB   
Title: #AloneTogether
Keywords: electronic ambient chill downtempo experimental idm leftfield trip hop Greenville

It seems we have an interestingly kind single over here, one with the sensual sweetness sensations of a true romantic modernist of the future, but with an interestingly elegant eye of the synthesized past. Things are all packed in one over here, like a character with deeper layers that has the charming elements of a partner who is able to deliver you multiple sensations at once. How nice to know that they are still out there! Dating this single will be flavored with super orgasmic sensual stuff but also armed with enough rhythm in its firm buttocks to dance around under the sheets with. The howling howl o passion that it delivers seems to have more sexiness than your average deodorant advertisement. Myum!

Artist: Dead Heads
Title: ass savage
Keywords: experimental chainsaw solo comedy crazy electronic flute football keyboard toilet paper treasure hunt weird United States

For the people out there in search for a less romantic single out there, but are more into the kind that will make up for its lack of romance by being fun and adventurously crazy,  it’s good to have ‘ass savage’ by The Dead Heads around, their single is the one that knows how to party and entertain you until you might roll around the floor and hula-hoop like a tiger in the prime of its life! It’s an instant cuckoo escapade that howls and growls towards the selfish assholes around in a humoristic way, protecting us while giving smiles along the way! If you need a bit of a lump of loving craziness on your side, this single must be for you!

Of course there are so many more handsome singles out there, in fact there are tons on my table wanting for me to look into and give my unsalted expert opinion about, but I have to call it quits for this round. All the romantic vibes and ass savage fun for today should be enough to find yourself a good loving fitting single of your choice for now. My kids are awake and now that they aren’t going to school, it’s a bit of a handful! See you next time, darlings!

with love,
single mum

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