Juan Angel Italiano and I.v.Martinez aka experiMENTALien – !Púmba!

artist: Juan Angel Italiano and I.v.Martinez aka experiMENTALien
title: !Púmba!
keywords: experimental field recordings Perth
label: Dog Park

My ears had been super-glued to a pair of headphones, luckily there was a really good reason for it: !Púmba!
Experiencing !Púmba! is an inner experience, one in which things are seemingly working on the inside of the skull, chopping away like micro gnomes that use the head of a listener as if it’s a gold mind in which they dig for gold.
They must be family orientated as we can hear a young child playing in there, while a miniature engine is seemingly bringing the micro gnome activities to the modern working world of the 2020 experience. But they never forget their traditional mini claw hammers and chisels – so traditionalists are in no need to worry!

It’s not all about work over there, as I could clearly spot them having some nice recreational time,
playing probably in the back of the head as if nobody could see them and they themselves are refrained from leaving the ears from where they had came from. The young might play purely, but the elderly gnomes seem to have dug up some magical earwax as they munched it for a traveling journey of psychedelic origins. We might not be able to see and experience what they do and see, but !Púmba! does proceed to spread out little miniature hints that are beautiful enough not to go into a frenzied action of trying to detach those headphones from the ears.

!Púmba! keeps on doing it’s thing, clearly cracking away for a kind rinsing session, kind and humble removing the rubbish from the inside out, here and there you can hear a gnome in its own gnome language, or a gnome-dog barking while another is playing trance inducing tones of certain homeliness. It’s quite fascination to overthink how these ear phenomenons could all fit in the small realm of the head in headphone-lockdown mode. Crazily enough the inhabitants might need to use your head as a place for urination too, but it’s just a small offer to pay for the rest of all that fascinating escapism that has been appearing in our personal headspace. It’s good vibes only!

It offers a enormous, but yet cozy extraordinaire outside world in the inner head of hard working audio gnomes and their village-life meets nature happenings. The look on my face as a flog of birds enthusiastically flew from one side of the ear into the other within the realm of my own skull must have been one of being pleasantly surprised; !Púmba! gives a reason to travel while being stuck indoors, which in times like these, might be a invitation nobody in their right sense of mind should resist.

Let these micro gnomes in, let them do their work, let them swing on their modern engines, let them hack away at your ear wax, let them get high and play among their micro-cosmos; as you, yourself will be greatly benefiting from them and their amazing presence. It might not be socially okay to advice anyone out here to put some super glue on the headphones and use them to lock up your ears for a big sensational session of headspace exploring with !Púmba!, but hey; who reads this stuff anyway? And hey, if you do: you deserve this free downloadable !Púmba! and all their cozy inhabitants! It is truly worth it!

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1 Response to Juan Angel Italiano and I.v.Martinez aka experiMENTALien – !Púmba!

  1. Hermosa reseña ¡Mil gracias! Saludos fraternos desde Uruguay.

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