Cloud Diameter – Cloud Diameter 2

artist: Cloud Diameter
title: Cloud Diameter 2
keywords: experimental ambient art progressive United Kingdom
label: Submarine Broadcasting Company

I have been delightedly sitting on clouds thanks to Cloud Diameter 2. Maybe not real physically touchy clouds (are they even touchable?), but it had been close to the real thing as imagined in those over the top fairytale stories in which some poor person could climb a magic bean sprout all the way up to an intimidating castle in the clouds.

But admittedly Cloud Diameter’s clouds to sit upon had been so much better, here there had been no disturbances, no encounters with gigantic giants hungry for human meat, & there had been absolutely no need to climb heavily up to the sky with bare hands; on the contrary! Cloud Diameter has the gentle kindness to just let people like you and me (no matter how much your body seize or weight might be!) sit there upon imagined fluffiness, without any heavy energy draining exercises, dangers or trouble.

Cloud Diameter just miraculously places us there, warm and welcoming as it is letting us all above these clouds, (no questions asked) to slowly dream away in an excellent dreamy soothing sensation. Things flow in all kinds of shapes and sizes, even different colors and consistencies are handled by a lightweight breeze of weightlessness. I felt thoroughly delighted and I have a hinge that you would be having a similar experience. Really, there is no worry in the world up here, even the thought to possible fall through one of these high floating fluffy friends can be easily sent away to the land of overreacted craziness.

And don’t you fall for the misconception that this heavenly place is one for floaty bores, as this is not the vibe for harp playing angels all dressed in white, this is a place that has devine individuality and strong charistarics. With plenty to see and wonder and ponder about, even though all is relaxed physically, it is as stimulating for the imagination as laying on a grass field in the middle of summer, staring at some bypassing clouds in all their unique forms and shapes as you let your head run wild with them. Experiencing Cloud Diameter 2 is very similar, yet completely different, which makes it a music release that is well worth to be instantly teleported in.

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