Giek_1 – ESCAPE

artist: Giek_1
title: ESCAPE
keywords: experimental r&b ambient avant-garde avant-garde pop deconstruct dreampop experimental electronic experimental pop gabber trance Amsterdam

You got to be in the mood, but when you are there, you are ‘there’, nicely tucked away in a ice palace in which the royal hall had been filled with mini micro bell-like melodies, brightly decorated by a light blue spectral of light, brought to us by a holy sounding voice that seemingly has somehow unlocked the shackles of restriction by going through the roof of freedom for an looped session of open hearted word magic.

Welcome in a realm of XTC energy, a temple that offers protections from demons, one in which love seems to prevail and the thick electric heart beats pounce around like a pleasant kick in the butt. Here in this zone you can embrace the perfect combo that will do its best to cool up a warm melange of spirit music, one that mysteriously stays on the righteous temperature in order to smartly not make the entire ice palace melt into a sobbing paddling pool, warming the entire thing just enough to feel comfortably pleasant, while at the same time also alienating anyone who stumbled into this zone without any warning of some kind; are we being baptized by a goddess somewhere in Narnia? Did we have taken too much pills and are now closer to heaven?

Giek_1’s realm and blissful music seems to be the one for receptive and repetitive listening, one that has to take in some time to get used to, one that you need to trust to be enable to understand as it clearly wants to hold us close enough to let us settle in a very personal cuddle. The music wants to speak to us through another level… It is so different than your average bit of music discovery, but hiring a translator might not help you the slightest bit: just open up your heart, throw away your pre-ideas and sink in it and you will find a esoteric friendship place to feel safe and wondrously hooked in.

This world is really like instantly stepping through the wardrobe and being let immediately somewhere in the glittery glam of a royal space filled with shiny ice sculptures that on their own would Magic up rainbows and sunflowers, things that normally wouldn’t make any sense, but in a shiny glassy zone in which a powerful mind rules with its enriched spiritual freedom it somehow certainly does. You will eventually forget the outside world  and the so called ‘other’ reality.

Become fully and lovingly sunken into a realm in which everything seems to be catered around the work of letting us (few brave and open minded listeners) see and feel the light that Giek_1 has to offer! Now there is no reason to get mashed up at a rave, no need to go to that next level that makes you unable to walk straight at a after party; you can just sit back, relax and escape within this zone that Giek_1 has cooked up!

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