Petridisch – The Minidisc

Artist: Petridisch
Title: The Minidisc
Keywords: darkwave electronic minimalist organ reverb space techno Boston
Format: digital / mini disc
Label: Fish Prints Inc / Infinite Sync Studios

On the Minidisc our hero named Petridisch is like the positive mermaid on the rocks, an genderless androgenic lovable creation straight out of a mystic realm, letting its music machines sing out of their golden throats & roll its keys of melancholic melodies and enigmatic experiments roll out a set of personal moods, the kind that go well with days of sitting fierce and lonely on those rocks of self sufficiency. Petridisch sits there strongly surround by its own protective electronic waves of the musical sea, those impressive ones that enigmatically protects this artist from danger and hunters that are out in the search for freaks of nature.

Sometimes this artist goes inside its cozy grotto, ready to play an intimate case of personal organ music to itself and it’s crowd of fellow creatures from fantasy lands and fairytales. The outside world around Petridisch might be one hauled with storms, drastic sea levels and boats occupied by humans with cuckoo intentions, with an sky above that is always the colour of midnight & the air always filled with the salty odour of excitement and potent trouble. But Petridisch had been there, on the rock or in its magical grotto for many years, sending out messages to the adventurous audio sailors out there, hoping that they will be reached and that their hearts might be fulfilled with all the mystique knowledge that the producer of fantasies has to offer.

Things smoothen up as Petridisch goes out on the rocks again after a little private indoor session, totally blessed with not enough hair to brush, which luckily enables this artist to make music with its electronic devices instead, blending the lovable messages that this character had accumulated from consuming unlucky sailors that had made the unfortunate choice to come too near Petridisch its private home base. They are consumed by Petridisch and now they are brought back to life through messages within the music that Petridisch had been sending out over the seven seas, into the dreams of people, music consumers of the special kind, adventurers and soul explorers with an open mind ready enough to be filled up with the intriguing sounds, ready to form mysterious moods of seclusion, strength, self education, conquering hearts, longing to belong somewhere and the will to be real at all times. A creature that you can enjoy from a distance, admirer it’s existence as it gives a sense of reality to dreams and have that touch to be taking it into your heart, but also charmingly enough to get your boat shipwrecked when coming too nearby.

Forever dreams might be your end reward, sleeping beautifully and all serene as you potentially dream of being a mermaid yourself, maybe one with long hair and a voice of an angel, or maybe more like our great example Petridisch, with no hair at all and a music machine instead of a hand held mirror and a brush, making wonderful music to let people fall in love with your mysterious antics, sitting there on your rock, forever mystifying story writers with your existence. Dreaming away in full bliss and authentic fantasy!

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