Great, Green Stones… – Works From The Absurd Pool In January

artist: Great, Green Stones…
title: Works From The Absurd Pool In January
keywords: field recordings, sound manipulation, avant-garde, experimental, lobit, 8kbps
label: Sub65

What did you do in January? Oh, yes, that was quite far away. Nobody here in our office knows what they did,
but we do know what Great, Green Stones… did! Yep, apparently they had been working on a pool. Not sure how they did that exactly, but hey; they aren’t just green stones, they are great green stones with a threesome of dots behind it, probably amazing enough to be able to work on a pool.

Unfortunately we don’t really have any visual pictures of the Great, Green Stones… working on this pool, but the authentic audio recordings of the work that they had done should be proof enough that they did DO something. Maybe not the occasional pool work that you would expect to hear from someone or something working on a pool, but there is definitely activity recorded.

Strangely hearing it all makes me wonder if there might be a mishap somewhere along the way, as hearing the evidence of Great, Green Stones working on a pool, (even though it is mentioned that it is a Absurd Pool) there might be something inside me that really drastically wants to remove the l of the word Pool, leaving an much more understandable ‘Poo’, which somehow would sound much more relatable to the work recordings over here.

As even though Great, Green Stones… working on a pool is indeed absurd and bizarre enough,but to have them pooing in our ears is actually even more cuckoo and surreal! And that’s exactly how Great, Green Stones working on a pool pretty much sounds like. No massive poos, no continuous pooping and it definitely doesn’t sound shit either; but there is something to my poop conspiracy. Maybe Great, Green Stones had been working on the pool, by actually pooping in the pool That is a very plausible, although very surreal and bizarre happening; but I’ll grab my chances and guess that’s what this release is all about! Great, Green Stones… pooping in a pool! Quite a spectacle!…worksfromtheabsurdpoolinjanuary/

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