watergate sandals – Presidential Bootleg

artist: watergate sandals
title: Presidential Bootleg
keywords: punk blues rock surf rock blues rock garage punk garage rock noise rock psychedelic rock santa cruz Spring
label: Under The Counter Tapes

I walked on the wrong side of town, turned down a weird looking road and found myself in something that made me want to do a reality check. There was joyous rambunctious music playing, something of a festive kind, with plenty of whoo-hoo to get your mini bottle of rum out of your sock for. I didn’t know where I was, how I got here, but suddenly in this turning point of life I really felt like taking of my bra and embrace freedom once and for all! Did I finally bump into a group of friends that are willing to take me in as one of their own?

I looked around, letting the music ramshackle itself around like a joyful event ready to influence the surroundings for the greater good. The lot took me in as if i had indeed been one of their buddies, tossed a straw hat on the top of my head, offered me a quick swig of a beer and embraced my companionship with a friendly arm of good heartedness straight into this party of happy-go-lucky-vibes in which everyone seems to be welcome. Here the excellent music makers jumped around, kicked things, happily, like punks with a much nicer lovable spirit and with a very high approach ability. We kicked feet together in the air, banged our heads on baselines and rocked out on pleasant energy of drums, creative feel good energy guitars and space crafted vocals!

They are the instant friends you never had but always had wanted, the bringers of joyful notes, the gentle giants, the kind rough row dowers, the mates that will protect you with all their might and have fun with you along the way; doing all in their way to show you a really good time! Wild things that easily get to you like cosmic radiation that are doing you well from top to toe, with lyrics that go through the heart like a gentle rinse from nice souls that just happen to be excellent at making something that they named ‘Scooter Rock’. I had never heard of it to be honest, but I could easily see that this is something out there, very pleasant to the ears, mind and soul. Rocky, punky, friendly, buddy-music for gentle souls and their friendly admirers. So nice that they take lost listeners in so easily, no questions asked, lovingly being picked up by upbeat positivity and carried around the room for a sensible sensation of feeling free and good!

These new friends have no holding back, they could toss their whole arsenal of goodies straight at ya, sing in the face with a distortion that is full of beastly energy, shamelessly bark like a dog as they play excellent material to the moon and back, or easily become close encounters that will take you to the edgy corners of a party lifestyle in which everyone is in it together!
They can be rough, wild and on all fours, or wildly singing gentle vibes while the others are keeping the levels of a uplifting celebration of life high and up! It’s great to realize that these buddies are out there, elevating the mood super efficiently, what a fun, how freeing to get lost, make instant new friends and drive away on their excellent scooter rock for an exciting drive around the block!


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