The Ladder is Part of the Pit – Reality is Haunted by Nothingness

Artist: The Ladder is Part of the Pit
Title: Reality is Haunted by Nothingness
Keywords: experimental Dunedin

Walking around in the nothing of nothingness might be very different as what the hopeful tourists visiting this place might expect, as here there is no expected case of a John Cage’s 4′33″ voidness, but here there is actually a whole lot of sound happening, it’s in fact all happening as you strongly step through, so much so that it has to be build up slowly, but surely, in order not to frighten the fragile unsuspected visiting listeners away with its final end results of sound exposures.

Luckily this is indeed respectfully done and executed so nice and perfectly, making the revelations of the noise come at such a friendly pace that it would allow even the biggest noise hater to step through it in a way that they won’t even know what had happened to them when its suddenly all there. It is clear that The Ladder is Part of the Pit is doing all in their might to hypnotise these specific listeners with a turbulent journey of sound, done in order to successfully take them by surprise and perhaps doing this all in such a way that they eventually realise that they do apparently love noise too. A miracle!

Maybe they wake up in realisation nicely in the middle of it all, with thoughts that convey that noise could be like the most beautiful jazz that they had ever heard, or maybe they see it as the best moving ambient-body full of action that they always had so ignorantly ignored; a inspirational journey of trip music that is seemingly channeled and conveyed on the spot & later saved under the title ‘Its a long Ladder into the Grave. feat. GRVDGR. A heavy title for such a game-changer!

It’s the kind of experimental noise music that is smart enough to be able will wake up the ancient haters of the genre, finally opening them up by exposing them to the music its inner movement of strings and howls & finally converting this specific listener into one that might see their life and preconceived ideas of what’s music and what’s not completely thrown out of the window.

So with this in mind, walking around in nothingness comes with an awesome prize and is certainly not a wandering around in a boneless nothing; this walk (or listen if you’d like) can simply overthrow entire music tastes and unlock the gates of all small mindedness. Where John Cage’s 4′33″ might raise an eyebrow, The Ladder is Part of the Pit might raise an entire scalp.

It’s pretty lovely of them and also generous as things aren’t even finished yet. They simply continue with a fine walk in something they had named Taxon & Agares, which comes across as a warm establishment of fully packed nothingness, droning away like an orchestra that had been gone through a absinthe filter, ready to become wonderfully one.

It’s comparable to stepping into a enriched room full of industrial smoke that anyone could huff and puff in & becomes a little higher, slightly more disoriented, relaxed and tripped out on. If newly found fans of the noise genre had gone this far, they could simply now lower their protective shields and other self defences and let these sounds do their calm psychedelic act of an resolute charming kindness. Who needs drugs and trips on those drugs, if you have noise like this around? If this is nothingness than it certainly is a damn good one!

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