Matt Atkins and Ivy Nostrum – Gestures and Constructs

artist: Matt Atkins and Ivy Nostrum
title: Gestures and Constructs
keywords: experimental ambient chamber music drone musique concrete sound art United Kingdom

Let’s go down the mini brewery in which Matt Atkins and Ivy Nostrum have been holed up to do their thing,
they seem to do it all at their own time, relaxed and without a haste in the world, slowly but surely getting their brews ready to be heard to a audience of specific taste. They let their humble sounds softly rumble, shimmer their presence as if they are hardly there, sometimes they give a little buzz, or a fuzz, but they are never saying a word to each other in this entire process. It is as if Matt and Ivy are audio monks that had sworn to work in a state of silent solitude.

But even though these two brewers of sound are quiet themselves, their activities certainly are worth to hang your ears in, especially if you managed to sneak into them through some quality headphones, those fancy things really give you the opportunity to slip in the middle of these sombre working individuals as they brew up this release of sound for you. You can hear the humming brew and homely sounding cowbells & some mountain-based yodeling escaping their sacred laboratory.

Somehow I already was aware that I enjoy men working hard, while I sit relaxed on my behind doing nothing, but I seem to especially like it when it’s Matt Atkins and Ivy Nostrum, as their sound output that they are brewing up certainly seems to roll out like a audio output to settle down and relax with. Even if these hard working silent workers are being invaded by an outside world full of people doing some kind of drum circle ritual, a croaky rusty fence, some thunder in the back… their silence and breathy noises are keeping the peace up in order to deliver a relaxed listening sensation.

It is almost as if Ivy and Matt had actually summoned these outside world activities, possibly compensating for these two brewing sound workers and their absence of their own voices in their process over here. As if they wanted to communicate to each other how they felt without using words, but by channeling outside activities of people, wonderful piano bits, a mumbling person, warm machinery or drips of crackling drops of rain, some birds, old style music, children… But they never do overdose on any of these as these two brewing brewers of sound always know to let them out and in at all the right times, exactly bringing the sound of solitude and just-the-two-of-us materials back and to the humble foreground of it all. A good reason to put your feet up & enjoy the work while you, yourself, don’t work at all.Life is not so bad, eh?

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