Yeah I Know It Sucks’s FUNDERGROUND radio show! episode 3

YIKIS presents:
/an adventurous eclectic adventure through the funderground/

Hello and welcome at another epic trip episode of the Funderground, one in which you can expect the unexpected in a one hour long continuous psychedelic mix with here and there some mixed in chit chat and tons of love. If you have an open minded taste you will be delighted to find that this episode will be your best friend! From pretty music, electronic bleeps, beats, tripped out vocals, breakcore, to electro acoustic, drone, noise and the whole adventurous spectrum of all that is between and beyond! it is truly wonderful!

Fun fact is that most of the music played in this episode is coming from netlabels,
so you might find yourself some free downloadable goodies too!

all credits go to the artists – please do check them out (links in the play-list!) and give them and yourself some love, praises and a firm pat on the back!

Herby your guideline for this blended mix:

00:00 – 2:36
Lee Rosevere – Let’s Start at the Beginning
from the abum: Music For Podcasts
label: Happy Puppy Records

02:24 – 6:44
elisa luu – r735
from the album: The time of waiting
label: La Bel Netlabel

06:05 – 9:18
Polichinelle – Dans My Poitrine
from the album: VA – 30 Days
label: Peppermill Records

9:05 – 13:08
Clinton Green – Insects of Langkawi
from the album: VA – Fauna
label: Dog Park

09:18 – 11:57
Helaku – Beamy Acid
from the album: Son of a Breakbeat
label: cOmaRecOrdz

11:49 – 14:27
Fm-Ra – Oblivion
from the album: Fm-Ra & Jjoth – Impossible Worlds
label: Diskette Etikette / SPnet

12:16 – 15:50
Guybrush – Once you told me to let it go
from the album: Something Extremely Light
label: Esc.rec.

13:38 – 17:13
c4 – binary code
from the album: nuclear love powerhouse
label: 20kbps

14:44 – 17:10
Gut Fauna – Alexa Daydream
from the album: Magicicada
label: Ingrown Records

16:00 – 18:29
The Cosmopolitans Intro
from the album: It’s Cosmopolitan Time!
label: Happy Puppy Records

16:54 – 18:29
Flat Affect – Pale Blue
from the album: Incidental Verses
label: Sirona-records

17:59 – 19:36
HaZ – The Parallel Universe That Didn’t Exist (really)
from the album: The Album That Didn’t Exist
label: Sub65

18:27 – 19:33
Gangpol and Mit – Pocket Knife
from the album: VA – The Box
label: Peppermill Records

19:28 – 23:09
Pogohm – Strong Weakness
from the album : VA – 4:00
label: Sirona-records

23:05 – 26:41
Pornophonik – Fluxigene
from the album: Fluxigene
label: Pavillon36 Recordings

23:09 – 38:44
Furchick – Thinking
from the album: Thinking
label: Dog Park

24:46 – 29:09
Dadacamour – This is the end of the world, mais je t’attends

from the album: VA – Lockdown Edition #1
label: GodHatesGodRecords

26:41 – 34:28
Unknown Rockstar – seamless
from the album: Untouched Mind
label: Postmodercore

30:02 – 40:24
FloatingMind – Kobolt Disconnect
from the album: Multiple EP
label: Monokrak

38:45 – 42:58
from the album: Thisowned
label: Mahorka

41:38 – 44:13
J Hamilton Isaacs – H:N I
from the album: Circumzenithal Arc
label: Ingrown Records

42:10 – 43:29
BansheeVa – Intro Drone
from the album: Live at the Corner House
label: Kill Your Own Archive

43:27 – 46:59
j-chot – famous quotes and video clips
from the album: The Scene Is Not Down With Me
label: memoryformat

43:30 – 48:49
esbyon D. helvetesyon – city of thousand suns
from the album: The Noiyzze Kung Fu ov Poetry
label: Zimmerlautstaerke – Zimmer-Records

47:03 – 50:16
origami repetika – that aint a tickle
from the album: that aint a tickle
label: Genetic Trance

50:09 – 54:41
American Green – She Goes To France…

from the album: She Goes To France…
label: Bad Panda

53:03 – 58:05
Robert Horton – Insect Trust
from the album: VA – Far Afield: A Webbed Hand Compilation
label: Webbed Hand

53:35 – 00:00
samarobryn – Melt
from the album: The Uninhabited Earth
label: Dog Park

54:10 – 57:01
Magic From Space – dreanboat
from the album: 🎶 4 HSP ć ASMR vol. 2
label: Ingrown Records

54:37 – 58:05
RFJ – Morning
from the album: of Storybook and Sound
label: IDMforums Netlabel

// mixed and hosted by Kai Nobuko //

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