Palavas – Centerpiece

artist: Palavas
title: Centerpiece
keywords: experimental Lancashire
label: Wormhole World

warning: listening to this music is like being on a mind melting bit of hardcore drugs.

The thrill of coming down in a rumbling sensation that feels as if you had fallen deep into a enjoyable k-hole, one in which your head might be solidly mashed up enough to lose control, while still being able to attempt to walk around in a truly absurd way for the outside world. This is how this Centerpiece by Palavas starts and continues, one that leans its inner voice of sensibleness to befriend your inner core, being your own personal reliable sane companion in a state in which everything else seems weird, outer worldly and slightly unrecognizable, yet visually an interesting place to be in.

This music is a druggy zone in which you could feel safe if you had the right experience and set of mind in order not to conceive it as a bad terrifying trip, but the pleasure of Palavas singing soul befriending you as it speaks to you (like a inner spirit to hold onto), seems to be the blessing of the century over here, especially when the rest of the surroundings had become this incredible unwearable vision of shadows and untouchables. This Centerpiece feels as if you met the artist’s soul as the humble voice of reason, while finding yourself in the middle of an never ending trip that could be a mind opener or a scary traumatizing event.I know which one I chose!

The crushing sound beyond and around Palavas’s self secured soothing voice is like a dense distorted vision, maybe many auras are crushed into one over here, causing a sensory overload that feels like a unbeatable wall of deprivation. There certainly is something here that will speak to the thrill seekers and the psychonautic adventurers out there that want to go a dive deeper than the usual LSD or DMT adventures, almost wanting a holy experience in which you have gone and seen through it all in order to receive some kind of blissful blessing at the end.

Luckily Palavas knows when to break things down and also kindly inserted some monumental bits of rest in the Centerpiece event, one in which good seems to prevail the crushing happening of the bizarre psyched out outside world. A few strings, humbling vocals and a weighty set of piano keys being pressed down, or simple moments of singing like a lost humble minstrel that had been hiding for years in a humble monestry… whatever Palavas is doing, it is clear that we can eventually breath in some faithful safety again, feeling okay and fine before things can quickly morph into a realm of quality, but highly inexplainable harsh shimmery weird oddness again.

Nowadays reality might be stranger than surrealism, but luckily the Centerpiece of Palavas undermines this statement & reclaims the fact that music-drugs can be pretty much given the sensation of a far-out experience. Stretched out restlessness, once to be named drums, completely eroded in a zone in which we have to question everything & depending on your own state of mind & will to befriend Palavas in this trip, it can either be a excellent experience of growth, or one that will make you afraid to check out music ever again! Certainly no background music, or something for the easily disturbed, but definitely a excellent druggy experience to go for in these right circumstances:

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