Weakling Child – Exiled

artist: Weakling Child
title: Exiled
keywords: experimental dread drone experimental noise psych United Kingdom
label: Herhalen

Never knew it would be so nice to be exiled, or at least to listen to the music equivalent of ‘exiled’. Not that it sound’s anything like a party, it’s more the opposite: some kind of serene hiding place in which we rumble close to the grass, roll around with some chopped up blocks of wood, nicely tucked away in a exclusion zone in which a drone of forgotten highways form a dense layer of true escapism in the back. Nobody seems to be around here to ever tap our shoulder with stupidity, no people are allowed’ seems to be the first of unwritten rules for this place of exhilaration.

To be frank, you might be the biggest socialite, but even them needs some time off to powder their noses in the exiled place of a private bathroom. And this hiding place of sound seems to be the ideal place to tuck yourself away in when such things aren’t around or simply unavailable. Things can be crunchy in there, buzzing in the deeper frequencies – making you immediately think of those annoying burdens that are now tossed under a never stopping train, so they could never bother you ever again. Of course we ain’t murderers (or so I think as I don’t know you) but to throw your problems on a track track ready to be run over as we sit our self in a comfortable zone of airy nothingness is admittedly pretty comforting to say the least.

You can just sit here, seemingly completely unbothered by the outside world. Totally left alone in nothing but a warm breeze of nothingness. Of course there might be that stinging feeling sometimes of not being totally alone; making acquaintances in the form of a bunch of insects, or perhaps just a croaky sound of a never ending car crash. But those kind of sounds simply refrain you from the burden of thoughts that will come when there is nothing to hear. Many people have gone nuts in sound-proof rooms & this audio version of Exiled is simply not the one that aims for you to go mentally off the rails. If anything, it comes across as the safe space to recharge, or simply sit back in the shadow until you are ready to perform in the outside real life world again.

Here in Exile we are okay to sit on a low bass and think of nothing, while not being left alone with no sound at all. Feel free to take a breath, relax your shoulders and when you are ready to rock and roll again it feels very okay to step out of it and face it all again with a fine restart.

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