Xqui/GvM/Pelso – Venezia

artist: Xqui/GvM/Pelso
title: Venezia
keywords: experimental ambient avant-garde drone field recordings lofi noise Lancashire
label:Wormhole World

When certain people work together it’s like Laurel and Hardy; always falling over, getting pies in their faces or simply be a magnet for hilarious problems. But when the individuals named Xqui, GvM and Pelso work together, it is clearly nothing like a slapstick recipe for disaster at all. In Fact,they might be pretty much a dream team that are so one with each other that it will be hard to distinguish their team contributions, simply because they sound very much like a hand in hand collaboration that made them together come across like a complete new artist, nicely kneaded out of their own artistic genes.

Don’t expect the A-team to roll out with a lucid black van or drive through the locked doors of a barn on a self made vehicle that can miraculously shoot, drive and be bulletproof while amazingly made in a few minutes with the help of sa electric lawn mower; no Xqui, GvM and Pelso are more like one solid block, coming across as if they have hung their egos high up in the willows to dry & to decoratively engage in a proper mind blending of all that they had to offer.

The result is something that we home staying people could superbly appreciate as they made a wonderful work of travel-sensation named “venezia” , which seems to be fully inspired by Venice, but even without this venetian context would certainly already deliver great satisfaction. It has that relaxed, yet trippy vibe of being tucked in a dreamboat, floating in one of the many watery ways while a golden light of sun and water reflections sparkle the entire trip into something nostalgic and rich.

Now to see this golden light you might have to be a blessed listener with the gift of synesthetic vision, but luckily for everyone else (including the lucky ones that are in need for a break!) the dream team brings this wonderful piece of music with the help of an all showing music video. One that somehow exactly managed to show what I envisioned when hearing the Venezia music on its very own: it certainly feeds us the vision of the golden light, the blurriness of nostalgia, the waterways, the tourist traps, the workers and accommodators, the tripped out impressive looking venetian masks that stare at you ever so spottingly.

It’s almost as if you had gone into a theme park attraction in which you can sit in a boat and let it take you on a pleasant float through the canals of Venetian galore as it once was… Minus you having to actually be there, no need for feeling sea-sickness in your tummies, are completely free from scam artists and pickpockets that will ingeniously fish for your wallet from the safety of another boat: now, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy ‘the attraction’ from the comfort of your home, or wherever you have chosen to stay safe in.

You can download this wonderful bit of music for free (or donate some money if you can afford it! – think about how much money Xqui/GvM/Pelso are saving you by offering you this priceless trip). Step right in and enjoy the dreamteam-sounds:

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