Warped Freqs – Shifting Initiation

artist: Warped Freqs
title: Shifting Initiation
keywords: experimental Lancashire
label: Wormhole World

Don’t let this duo fool you with their at first sight neanderthal vibe of wild unexplored nature, yes it will be as if we had been genuine researchers that stumbled upon a cave in which cave people had been holed up, completely secluded from modern civilization, now in their defense waving their wooden weapons around . But instead of those things that you have seen in dodgy history books, their actual defense system seems to be music, one that is still as pure and not influenced by the present dull state of our times.

You can almost hear them in their tiger skin suits drumming on the tight skins of drums, playing bass on the whiskers of domestic tigers, reluctantly cool jamming out while using the tail of a lion as a guitar-like instrument. It is here that we find out that the neanderthals as depicted in those history books might have been quite differently than the real thing discovered over here.

They aren’t beasts, animals, or insensible beings hardly resembling our so-called evolved intellect; no, this solid duo of music makers are proving that they are far from that; probably even more inventive than any computer nerd out here, jamming fearlessness the most epic sensations in their caves for themselves, friends and family.

They aren’t bluffing or fluffing around as well; they could probably send you to the afterlife with a single tap on your head, but why should they? their music should be enough to get anyone out of their way, or more fruitful; opening the doors that for others normally stay firmly closed. I don’t mean just the doors of things here, but also those hidden ones of different realities, alternate dimensions and the realms that people have been taking ayahuasca for.

They have had airplay on biggies like Dandelion Radio and the BBC, have their sounds released on a modern day pleasure label named Wormhole World & have proven to all the new and fresh discoverers that they aren’t the rambunctious lot at all. They are sensible souls, only protecting their holes with a firm first impression, but quickly take people into their world of cave-life with appetizing and appealingly mesmerizing rock-dreams, extravagant psychedelic trips, but also know how to grab your hand for a hard rock stone-age party!

But don’t think ‘The Flinstones’ or some primitive weirdos that speak nonsense, as they are highly intelligent, even clearly proving that they can speak in a modern way & showing no problems to integrate the future into their labyrinths of hacked-out rock spaciousness. You can hear them being lit up by electronics as they still drum their spaced warrior beats, presumably in the hope to attract a mammoth or a saber tooth tiger for dinner. Unfortunately they might be no more – but listeners might be a nice lunch if things get really desperate in their cave-kitchen.

Heck, they might have even had a telephone and voicemail thing installed by now; they are so wanted, yet their sound is so secluded – jamming out in these hollow stone floors, walls and ceilings; being free from all burdens of the world, ready to growl if needed, steady and on spot to deliver and live in the very moment. Which for us modern day people, explorers and music lovers is pretty much an inspiration that must be discovered!

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