Title: Sol

The only information about this artist is that they are a “Wellington based noise maker” which tells me that they dwell in Aotearoa, right where the hook went in to the gob of Te Ika a Māui, which is a pretty special place. Being a Doll myself, the idea of a bunch of headless Dolls is quite terrifying – who did this to them and why? Then again, if the Doll Squad decapitated themselves and are marching around with their heads under their arms making their eyelids clack open and shut, then I’m all for that.

The music created by this artist is in the style of long-form drone with gutterings of neural texture and growlings of guitar that scrape the insides of your skull like slice of dark sunshine. Two tracks make up almost an hour of Sonic Doll Tea Party Music. If you are holding your head, you can fill it with your hot beverage of choice, swirl the liquid around with lashings of sound, and pour it straight down your neck as if you were Mike the Headless Chicken. You will need to be careful not to overdo it though, as this music is so moreish you might be tempted to overfeed yourself and where will you be then? Drowning in drone may seem like a pleasant way to go but it’s not a quick one. Our recommendation here at YIKIS is to take little sips, sit back and relax, and let the music wash over you and into all of your crevices.
Don’t try to control this cosmic beast but rather Welcome Your New HEADLESSDOLL Overlords.

Don’t hesitate my friends! Do it here, ASAP:


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