Norvik – Echo Theory

Artist: Norvik
title: Echo Theory
keywords: ambient piano contemporary classical drone instrumental minimalistic modern classical neo-classical sound design

“Ambient.” the tag line among genres that will scare all our ADHD hyper moods away… They had been all outside our building when some smarty pants decided to play this album by Norvik out loud. Probably holding on to their hyper activities as if the need to run and jump up and down had been more important than just sitting down, listen and relax. I can’t blame them as music like this is pretty overwhelming, clearly better produced to kick out the energy and settle for a sleepy dreamy state, better than any medicine of a money-hunkering doctor could prescribe them.

Also our employees that had been terrible allergic to sweet kindness had all left the building, probably hiding behind the bushes of their own insecurity. Cause what’s not to love about Norvik playing the sweetest piano melodies, modern day neo-classical material or flowing electronic ambiance, or those beloved moments in which the artist is lovingly letting the notes of play dance together with pretty drone sweetness for a result that will make even crying babies stop their activities and become all happily bewildered again. No need to hide at all is what I would say, but I guess some people just love to hold onto their lunacy, even If that means that they are missing out on so much goodness.

It’s okay though, as when they are gone, we have more of Norvik’s wonderful album all for ourselves. Besides, their wild actions wont disturb us anymore as we chill out and enjoy whatever this artist is serving us up. Greatly clearing the way for warm lush moments of utter relaxation, ones in which lush tones are cooling us down as if they had hands that have no shame to massage us into a painless body.

Apparently Norvik’s most favorite thing is to make music for non-existing movies (so I have heard) which makes me think of what movie this music from this specific album seems to be suited for. I guess a movie about a massage parlor with musical owners that play piano to you while also droning you away in a world of innocent incense, calming field-recordings of dripping rain (it never gets old!) and soft pillow material and possible a calm depiction of a kind jungle as wallpaper. Or maybe it’s a movie about floating around in a state of bliss, perhaps about a person who managed to find some blissfulness by being somehow Enlighted by not running away or hiding from the pretty music that (for example) Norvik had so lovingly created over here.

Norvik’s 13 tracks are ready for your pleasure, available to lull you in or become your backdrop material to creatively play your own main character in this sleepy movie in. Expect no thrilling action, no horror or creepiness; but a long scene of you being blessed and massaged forever by well-made melodic or floaty or a combo of both – music. It’s nice to have for once a soundtrack that doesn’t please the thrill seekers, or give the ‘allergic to sweetness’ people something they could listen without getting green spots all over; this one is giving you what it says on the label & I think we all should not take it for granted. After all we all can need some nice starring role as a person that gets lovingly massaged by the Norvik music. It’s no nonsense wonderfulness and you probably deserve to hear it. Let’s hope you are not deaf, although there might be a possibility that your heart might be able to tune in and listen to this one aswell & guess what; this important life organ itself doesn’t even have ears!

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