Gut Fauna – Magicicada

artist: Gut Fauna
title: Magicicada
keywords: experimental ambient drone new age psychedelic vaporwave Fairfax
label: Ingrown Records

I’ve become fairly familiar with Magicicada when it had become part of my daily listening ritual.
It has that high replay appeal that I use it as a good morning wake-up call instead of the buzzing alarming bells of a digital morning clock. Instead of waking up frustrated, hitting the snooze option with a foaming face of frustration, I wake up now nice and shimmering in a bed full of love.

It’s at first the Alexa Daydream that stands next to my bed, clearly being the ideal masterpiece to lure anyone out of their deepest well deserved sleeps into the one that is so called ‘reality’. It does this with such a high alluring sense of musicality that it feels as if some forests nymphs had taken the time to stand in the middle of the bedroom playing their organ and flute full of fairy sparkles; who wouldn’t be honored to hear that?

After this we are gathered around by a energetic happiness with rhythm and great vocals, literately throwing sea scorpions in the room with party-hats on, they flip the bed around as if its nothing; turn the entire mattress into a prop in the middle of an energetic seventies musical full of funk and fun.

It follows each time with words as performed by harmonic angels in full energy fields that are shielded with the strength of powerful love dance upon warrior drums, clearly infectious as no matter how much I’d hate to wake up – with this in my ears I had no choice than embracing life, jumping up high and low on the bed sheets as if its a trampoline; imagining to touch a flock of seagulls that Gut Fauna had unleashed in my room of daily dreams.

After a great bit of energetic exercise, the early morning friends take a warm beloved moment to flip a acoustic moment of pure perfection. Clearly Gut Fauna morphed into two people with fun sprinkled all over their auras, they sing and play in a what feels like personal moment of happy musical achievements named “Hesitation Blues” which comes across so confident that there is no problem for me to reach out a hand, grab the music and dance happily around the room – dressing up colorfully from the piles of clothes scattered around the room – opening the curtains along the way as the folk psychedelia with a high pop-structure makes sure that behind them lays a bright sun and blue sky.

Not long after this I’m taking the songs and music with me on my coffee ritual. I’ll pause the material, let the coffee maker crack on its noises and continue the album as I settle down staring inside the perfect coffee. In there I see fishes swimming happily around, while the music by Gut Fauna is making me blush until my cheeks are both pinkish and sweet. It feels as if the music makers had followed me out of the dream world and are kissing my side cheeks musically; making me feel like a princes – crowned to rule the day with a cheerful delight that cannot be destroyed. And for some reason a shit day still occurs, I just think that tomorrow there will be another bunch of fresh fishes in my morning coffee. Life cant suck with the Magicicada ritual around!

But trust me, bad days are truly rare since my discovery of the magic that this album has to offer on a daily basis, no micro dosing of LSD will achieve better results that hearing this music first thing in the morning. Most days (even we live in a dystopian world with lots of doom and gloom) seem to have been feeling utterly delightful, having sunshine shining inside the house – an generous one that Gut Fauna works hard on to keep shining forever, even aiming to cancel the entire sunset! They did not succeed just yet, but they come close though!

Besides, I’m kinda happy that the sun eventually does go down, so not to miss the early morning Magicicada ritual again! It’s such a blissful way to start and embrace the day! Excellent freak folk of generous quality with enough electric in it to be a crossover from the past into the brightness of a well deserved bright future! Can’t get enough of it! For something labeled ‘psychedelic’ it is actually making me feel very awake and happy!

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  1. ingrown says:

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    Thanks to Yeah I Know It Sucks!

  2. zoie says:

    1/2 of GF here- to whoever wrote this- thank you!! we are definitely kissing your cheeks

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